Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Government and the immo's

Top peeps at the labour party have again been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The discovery of documents and email's detailing the hiring and firing of immigrants into jobs for security personal, led to a mass shredding of paperwork and expenses reciepts. One immigrant, originally dispatched in 1970 was found to be working in the kitchen of MI5, for the past eleven years. Suggestions that they passed on dietary information to Al Q or posioned MP's are true.

A statement read from Downing Street this morning, stated that many MP's had actually claimed on their expense form's 'hiring of Asians' and the unfortunate mistake has now been rectified. The spokeperson continued, "we can still hire and fire immigration workers, but from now on we must not get caught".

read later in the week when we have the first published account's of the Kosovian grandmother who was kept in the UK for 18 years against her will, working as a delivery driver for Tesco's.

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