Wednesday, April 27, 2011

R.I.P. Smiley Culture - Gone but not forgotten

Early last month, the artist known as Smiley Culture, died after police officers raided his home, after a tip off for drugs.

The musician, who had hits in the Eighties, is believed to have stabbed himself as police swooped on his home in Warlingham, Surrey.

The 47-year-old, real name David Emmanuel, was due in court after being charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in September last year.

It is believed he died in the kitchen after police tried to resuscitate him. They were told he stabbed himself while making a cup of tea, despite a number of officers still being in his home, while they performed their drug search. Suffice to say no drugs were found before or after Smiley went to put the kettle on. No doubt brewing a cuppa for the 12 - 15 police who calmly sat on his sofa watching the football, finding a spare coffee table to build a spliff. A spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed they were now investigating a "death following police contact". Right!!!!

The singer, from south London, released his first single Cockney Translation in 1984 but was best known for hit Police Officer.

Trying to find the words to explain yet another death of a Black person at the hands of the police escape me right now and whether there is an investigation or not, the outcome will be the same as Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles de Menezes, Brian Douglas, Joy Gardner right up to last week when Kinglsey Brown lost his life following fatal injuries sustained while in police custody at the hands of the boys in blue.

When will there be justice and equality in the UK for ALL and not this facade of liberty and freedom which causes more harm than good and more damage than Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs"?


R.I.P. Smiley Culture

Early last month, the artist known as Smiley Culture, died after police officers raided his home, after a tip off for drugs.

The musician, who had hits in the Eighties, is believed to have stabbed himself as police swooped on his home in Warlingham, Surrey.

The 47-year-old, real name David Emmanuel, was due in court after being charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in September last year.

It is believed he died in the kitchen after police tried to resuscitate him. They were told he stabbed himself while making a cup of tea, despite officers still being in his home in while they performed their drug search. A spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed they were now investigating a "death following police contact".

The singer, from south London, released his first single Cockney Translation in 1984 but was best known for hit Police Officer.

Trying to find the words to explain yet another death of a Black person at the hands of the police escape me right now and whether there is an investigation or not, the outcome will be the same as Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles de Menezes, Brian Douglas, Joy Gardner right up to last week when Kinglsey Brown lost his life following fatal injuries sustained while in police custody at the hands of the boys in blue.

When will there be justice and equality in the UK for ALL and not this facade of liberty and freedom which causes more harm than good and more damage than Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs"?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally - Iraq war Invasion: The truth

Plans to exploit Iraq's oil reserves were discussed by government ministers and the world's largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq, government documents show.

The papers, revealed here for the first time, raise new questions over Britain's involvement in the war, which had divided Tony Blair's cabinet and was voted through only after his claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Not about oil? what they said before the invasion

* Foreign Office memorandum, 13 November 2002, following meeting with BP: "Iraq is the big oil prospect. BP are desperate to get in there and anxious that political deals should not deny them the opportunity to compete. The long-term potential is enormous..."

* Tony Blair, 6 February 2003: "Let me just deal with the oil thing because... the oil conspiracy theory is honestly one of the most absurd when you analyse it. The fact is that, if the oil that Iraq has were our concern, I mean we could probably cut a deal with Saddam tomorrow in relation to the oil. It's not the oil that is the issue, it is the weapons..."

* BP, 12 March 2003: "We have no strategic interest in Iraq. If whoever comes to power wants Western involvement post the war, if there is a war, all we have ever said is that it should be on a level playing field. We are certainly not pushing for involvement."

* Lord Browne, the then-BP chief executive, 12 March 2003: "It is not in my or BP's opinion, a war about oil. Iraq is an important producer, but it must decide what to do with its patrimony and oil."

* Shell, 12 March 2003, said reports that it had discussed oil opportunities with Downing Street were 'highly inaccurate', adding: "We have neither sought nor attended meetings with officials in the UK Government on the subject of Iraq. The subject has only come up during conversations during normal meetings we attend from time to time with officials... We have never asked for 'contracts'."

some of the comments posted in response to today's discovery:

Friends, the press and the government are in bed together in an embrace so intimate and wrong, they could spoon on a twin mattress and still have room for Ted Koppel. Journalists used to question the reasons for war and expose abuse of power. Now, like toothless babies, they suckle on the sugary teat of misinformation and poop it into the diaper we call the 6:00 News. Demand more of your government. Demand more of your press."

Two oil executives are elected President and Vice-President in an era of restricted oil supplies to an extremely oil-dependent economy and within a couple of years they're invading the country which just happens to contain the earth's largest untapped reservoirs of oil. Hard to see how it could be anymore straight forward.

The fact that everyone else allowed it to happen shows just how morally corrupt the human race is and the pointlessness of the smokescreen which is the UN.

Blair will never be tried as a war criminal and neither will Bush. I expect if Scotland votes for independence from the UK then they may suffer a fate like Iraq. Remember....It's Scotland's Oil.

Does anyone believe Libya is any different? why are our elected leaders in the us and UK nothing but puppets for international cartels? we need western world revolution based on the values of the American revolution of 1776. there are many more of us than them. rise up people and take your countries back from the mega banks and oil cartels who cause all of the endless for profit wars, run all of the drugs, steal your pay check threw the tax barrel of a gun, take away your freedoms, arrest you for speech, don't allow you to own firearms that reduce crime and protect you from the state, and murder foreign nations for economic control and energy exploitation. as you British have said this year "off with their heads".

Let us see the minutes of Dick Cheney's secret energy committee. Cheney is a liar and a thief. The Iraqi people deserve justice as do the families of all those young men and women who died so the Bushs and the Cheneys could serve their capitalist oil masters. The UK and the US have blood on their hands and should be made to pay for their crimes against humanity.

I can see several possible crimes under English Law here-

1. Murder for hire.
2. Terrorist offenses under the Terrorism Act 2000, such as advocating the overthrow of foreign goverments.
3. Treason, specifically inciting acts of war against the Crown, such as the 7/7 bombings
4. Conspiracy.

I'm sure there are more but that is enough to be getting on with, now who in the Police force is willing to investigate and send a file with all the evidence to the CPS and who in the CPS is willing to prosecute?


Monday, April 18, 2011

New whip or walk down the aisle. Please Help !!!

Dilemma Dilemma, what is a man supposed to do?

With sun finally shining, the new contract going well, it's that time to start look around for this year's new whip.

There is no problem with the Merc Cab, but it's always been a dream of mine to own and floss around in a Porsche Boxster and before the grey hairs are in full effect and grecian 2011 cries at me that it's no longer worth it, something needs to give.

But you see, this year should also see another wedding other than Kate and one of the prince's after I finally proposed to the missus late last year after... well let's just say a long time. And with an imminent wedding on the horizon, caterers snapping at our heels for confirmation and the Branson island in Necker, available at the end of August for a knock down cost you can imagine the ear-ache/discussion's I am receiving at home, to nail down a date.

However a man cannot stop wanting his toys and while most women, cannot understand the logic behind a metal contraption on wheels, albeit with convertible roof, leather interior, 3.2 super charged engine, heated seats and looks that make Beyonce, think twice about 'putting a ring on it' and sing a song about filling up with unleaded petrol, most of my male friends are wondering when I will be purchasing the car mats and what colour.

I want to do the right thing and sometimes what we men think in pleasing wifey in fact has the opposite effect. These opportunities do not come along that often whereby as Prince William has found out, there will always be a Church offering discount and a reception hall willing to cater for up to 100 guests at a short notice, where you can bring your own patties, vimto drinks and knock off coleslaw, purchased by the tub.

Stay posted to see whether I live or die. Just in case future wifey is reading this blog, I am in no way substituting you for metal and rubber tyres more adding to your wag lifestyle allowing you to visit Tesco's and Asda in style.


Tony Blair seeks Knighthood - oh my Gosh....

I couldn't believe it myself, whilst returning from this year's Gadget Show event, up in Birmingham, listening to LBC on a nice Sunny afternoon, when I heard the Queen's hierarchy were actually debating whether to offer this war-monger the said-to-be pinnacle of British establishment: that of a Knighthood. Although it does not surprise me, the fact that a man who took the country into an illegal war, which has claimed the lives of close to two million people should be rewarded with such a title, leads to believe one can somehow be rewarded in this manner and that the number of lap dancing clubs one has visited has no bearing on the outcome of the title. Forget about the M.B.E or Lord tspoonfr, head straight for the top and claim the knight of the realm and go down in history instead of going down somewhere else.

This tops Barack Obama who was given a Nobel peace prize back in 2009, while in the midst of two wars and the loss of countless innocent victims. But then again Mr O is far from finished and I expect another invasion or two in the not too distant future. Idle hands seek trouble, my Mum used to say.

So what has Bliar done to warrant such an accolade one can only presume? What social enhancements has Tony accomplished to even be mentioned in her Maj's presence or was the standard donation to Prince Philip Alzheimer's fund sufficient enough entry to be considered serious enough to start introducing this maverick as Sir Anthony Blair?

For a man who not only opened the floodgates of the British border, more or less took the key and threw it into the Channel this is a further step to the direction of total dictatorship. For once he bequests the mantle of Sir, once can only surmise that England will be renamed Tonyland and only people who were allowed entry to the UK under his leadership will be allocated the vote.


Stop blaming the immigrants for all our ills

Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem - what's the difference? None. As they all live in bigger houses and have their children go to better school's than yours. They'll also not worry about their pension when that end date arrives.

It's the public's fault for playing this stupid game of electoral voting. I have no sympathy for the electorate. Long gone are the days of Democracy in the UK - maybe as far back as 1945. And if you think a change of Government will make any difference, then you deserve all you get for your naivety. I am aged 48, never ever voted, no intention of voting and neither do I complain. I am blessed with a lovely lifestyle and loving family. Maybe people should start questioning the corruption and deceit of all the politicians, regardless of party, rather than the easy option of picking on defenceless immigrants, who's cuisine's you all enjoy, but would prefer to keep at arm's distance.

The immigrants did not get the UK involved into 3 wars which put a drain on society. The immigrants did not steal the money from the Banks. The immigrants did not force up the house prices with their greed. How many CEO's or Chief Execs are there that are immigrants? But then again when something goes wrong, it surely can't be us British people as WE live in a Democratic society that is the blue print for the rest of the world to follow. Utter nonsense. Wake up and smell the cappuccino.

I wonder how many people know the difference between a Hindhu, Muslim, Buddhist or Sikh never-mind who is an immigrant or who has the right to live here. This is more to do with a fraction of the public who have very little empathy, wishing to return to their Anglo Saxon way of life in Britain, with the Krays running around enforcing their version of law and order and Starsky & Hutch back on BBC TV before Match of the Day started. The world has long moved on, whether for the better or the worse, but it has moved. Ignorance needs to move along too. There are more paedophilia's living in UK than Muslim women who wear Burka's.

If you want someone to blame, blame the electorate who time and time again vote for such imbeciles, as Blair, Cameron, Clegg, Major, Harold Wilson, Thatcher, Anthony Eden, James Callaghan, Clement Atlee, Alec Douglas-Home. What makes you think that the next Prime Minister will do any different?

If you wish to claim multiculturalism then that involves more than having Lenny Henry on TV and a few unsavoury characters in Eastenders. Engage in dialect with someone of a different race, religion creed, sexuality and refrain from walking around blinkered with the mindset of an ant.

tspoonfr - 18/4/2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh poor Rory....

Poor young Rory Mac. I felt for him for about 2 minutes yesterday, then jumped up and said 'Bitch'. Don't get me wrong he played great for 3 days until the pressure reach but I love Tiger and the fact he indulges in similar sexual fantasies to myself my respect for him has gone colossal. And when TW is in contention then I start doing voodoo on the other golfers in the hope they do a 'Greg Norman'.

The golf displayed last night was great entertainment and shows again why this is the the greatest and most difficult of sports played on the planet. It had drama, excitement, courage and more leadership changes than a night at the local Labour Town Hall. As a semi-expert in this game I knew it was far from over for the boy with the Michael Jackson afro. Although 4 shots ahead entering the final day, I have witnessed enough last day blow-outs to know the pack were chasing. And in that pack included Tiger.

Woods was -2 after three holes and he had that bounce in his step that was last seen coming out of the lap dancing club in Los Angeles, more than eighteen months ago. And when Tiger is on the march, you better watch out. He is like Tyson in his prime. Kobe Bryant seeking a championship ring. Or Ronaldo when he was at Barcelona before the nightclubs and threesomes took over. I was praying for Tiger not to draw the driver out of his bag, as this is his nemesis. But I could not get a tweet to him quick enough and low and behold, with adrenalin pumping after another birdie, whoosh, Woods was in the trees.

But nothing could prepare me for what I was to witness with Rory Mac. His drive on 11, was similar to mine at the local course, before knee surgery and sexual gratification put an end to my illustrious career with the irons and green grass. I thought wow or more to the point "What the f**k was that?" to see Mac standing between two log cabin houses as though he were waiting for someone to invite him in for coffee. He followed this with a triple bogey from no more than 10 feet whereas at that point someone should have ran up to him and give him a hug. One of those hugs a parent gives to their child. I have no idea what happened to him after this, as the BBC so full of praise at the start of the show, decided they could not waste video footage to follow him around any longer.

Tiger birdied the 16th when it should have been an eagle and I felt his tournament slip away, like the porn star actress he was practising oral liaisons with two years ago. But he will be back I have no doubt. As for Rory Mac, he will need some soul searching before he enters the public domain once again. He is young. We all had a f**ked up afro and then grew up and I feel this will happen to him. Hopefully it will happen before the next major, because you do not wish for the little Irish boy to follow Tiger's path and start visit certain club in Dublin.


The greatest Satirical News Blog page is back

I'm back, like Arnie. I know it's been a while, but when you are raising children, have mountains of domestic work to fulfil, a job to uphold and a backlog to porn to catch up with, it's not easy to put pen to paper. Or in the world of blogging, let my fingers find a keyboard.

So much has happened since we were last together. Barack Obama is still leader of Bad Boy U.S. , playing his part in the live reality of the 'Black & White Minstral' show with great vigour. I'm sure when little George was running tings, he was only involved with one war at a time. Just goes to show how Black man can floss. Three wars at the same time. Man. Ooops there is no actual war against Libya, its just an air invasion. Silly me. Give that man another Nobel Peace Prize.

Then we have the demise of Tiger Woods for indulging in fantasies many of us have not even dreamt yet. What can be Mrs Woods' problem? Is there no jaffa cakes in the cupboard? Does she require another pair of Jimmy Choo shoes? Or should Tiger give up attending Lap Dancing Clubs on a Tuesday, as that is the night he needs to be home, chatting foolishness, filling up the dish washer or planning the next boring Dinner Party? Tiger, I know how you feel bro......

In my absence Liverpool (my football team) have employed a new manager and then sacked him and employed another. This not only gives a bad name to prostitution but makes us the laughing stock of the football world. Now King Kenny is in charge I hope there is some stability at the club for the forseeable otherwise Rafa Benny may make a comeback and the rise in suicides on Merseyside will treble.

For those in the know, I have given up one of my favourite pastimes: Indulging in the chronic, indica, sensimillia, weed, spliff after 25 years useful service. Not only do I believe I deserve a pension but a pair of gold cuff-links and tie clip would not go a miss. I have now become one of those Hovis Cloth cap boring people that live in Burnley, whom I used to disdain but now admire from afar. Bear with me while I try to find myself, last seen back when Charlie used to take Diana around the back of the bike shed's and Love Thy Neighbour was considered prime time viewing.

tspoon - 11/4/11

News of the World - Apology not accepted !!!

Following the debacle of the NotW and it's phone tapping scandal, the newspaper have now issued an apology which means the matter can be laid to rest. Not !!

The only reason the Scandal paper came out with an apology which amounted to being caught again in the biscuit barrel when wifey says 'only one biscuit per day', was that they had no more lies to tell or could no longer be bothered explaining the need to tap people's mobile phones seeking crimes not committed by politicians who engage in fetishes which would not be out of place on the Adult Channel (903). They somehow want you to believe it is in the National's interest to fathom out what Andy Gray had for dinner the previous night or can Mystic Meg forsee you winning that week's Bingo and walking off with £50.

The owner of the tabloid, Mr Rupert Murdoch with his status of upper-upper-super-upper class is so out of touch with any sense of realism, that he has far more important engagements than to become embroiled with mere mortals seeking condemnation for criminal activities produced by his editors and journalists on his behalf.

The only real shock within the journalism sphere, to which I am proud to be a member, is that there are not more publications found wanting when it comes to under-hand activities such as this. Long has been my stance that we no longer live in a democracy that to me these situations are no longer shocking. What was shocking was that they called a press-conference to apologise. It's a bit like a mass murderer being caught after the 16th body has been found, putting his hands and saying sorry, because the victim was asking for it.

Until we go back to independent journalism which gives a balanced view of events, I expect to see more and more of these scandals.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Question of Palestine

I have been following the Israel/Palestine issue for the past few years, as I like to get the full picture rather than watch SKY News and their biased reporting. In a nutshell for people who do not read the Times or Guardian 60 years ago there was no country called Israel, but there was a piece of holy land called Lebanon, where Jesus was born and many historic events have occurred during the past two thousand odd years. Lebanon was considered a holy place and lived in peace by all faith's and denominations. All religions had lived side by side in tranquilly and peace until 1917 when the British (had to be) by the name of Arthur James Balfour declared Lebanon the place where Israeli Jew's could settle. How fesity!!

This was done without any discussion with the local Palestinian people, who woke up to find new settler's and much of their land gone. Over the past forty years Israel has extended it's paws so brutally that the United Nations has on a number of occasions issued declarations warning Israel to behave and stop its endless bombing of their neighbour's. Today the people are more like refugees in their own land which now is about the size of a football pitch has been the increase of Israel's land mass over the past half century. You see Israel can carry on like Tyson because they are backed by the US with all the arms and weapons it needs to keep the little Palestinian man at bay. They show no compassion for a people so limited in resources that David Beckham and family have more underwear than these people. And not only that but the lack of respect they show in the holiest of holy land's is disgusting. A few weeks back in one of Israel numerous attacks against the 'pea-shooter's' of Palestine, they bombed the actual church where Mary had Jesus. Fe real! The nativity stable where man was born was blown into a million pieces, while certain men was playing cowboys and Indians. And yet no church man stood up to defend the bombing, the damage or the endless attacks on a people who's birthright was that land.

Every norm of civilized behavior and international law was violated including the Geneva Conventions prohibition of acts of revenge against civilian populations. Israel kept the borders of Gaza sealed, and would not even allow the population to flee and save their lives. That they are held virtually blameless by the U.S. corporate media – Israel sycophants of the lowest order. Now members of the Israeli Defense Force themselves are coming forward to admit that they committed war crimes – but the mainstream press is censoring their confessions! Even when Israeli soldiers openly testify to committing murder in Gaza, as reported by the Israeli press, the U.S. corporate media keeps the people of this country ignorant of the crimes against humanity bankrolled by American taxpayers.

From what I gathered so far, Palestine is seen by the Jews as once belonging to them. For many many years it has been Islamic however. In 1948, a plan was devised to create two states. One Arab and one Jewish. The Jews agreed, Islamic people did not (and to be fair they had every right). But the UN still saw that the Jewish community was too big to not have it's own land, and where better to place them that their claimed holy land. A war soon broke out, separating Palestine. West Bank fell to Jordan, whilst Gaza Strip went to Egypt. To this day, Palestinian Arabs are furious with Israel actually existing and Israel are still trying to defend their right to stay. This time Israel have attacked the Gaza strip in an attempt to stop the rocket attacks by Hamas on southern Israel. However, Israel had put up barriers and blocked Gaza from around November time. You will find it hard to agree with one side if you are unbiased, and the only way you can chose who is wrong is by going back 60 years. Israel should never have been created, and the only defence for this is religious ones. So unless you are Jewish yourself, you might agree there was no right for Israel to declare independence.

Palestinians are showing how strong they are by even still living. Think of it, they hardly have any electricity per day, no food is coming into the city, no clean water, no medical aid, and Israelis are launching bombs every 2 hours at places where they think Hamas has weapons. Yet Hamas continues to defend themselves, and all that is happening is children and innocent civilians are dying. Did Israelis hit the right target? they only killed 1 Hamas leader out of the 500 killed and over 1700 injured. Basically they're living in a closed room. Nothing coming in or out. People are just dying, and why do Israelis think they have the right over the land? its as much holy to Muslims as it is to Jewish people and Christians.

Demonstrations against Israel’s slaughter in Gaza have been are taking place in every major city in the United States and throughout the world. People of conscience are standing up and speaking out…. but where are their governments? There have been a few ‘verbal condemnations’ but no action whatsoever. Where is the UN? Where is the EU?? We all know where President puppet Obama is, he’s out playing with his golf balls today, with Michelle trying her hand at being the new 'Charlie Dimmock'. Are they all afraid to speak out against these atrocities? Is Obama afraid that by doing so the ‘charges’ against him being a Muslim might pop up again? And what about the leaders of the Arab world? Even those that do not recognise Israel have been silent….. what’s that all about??

The United and the UK are Israeli government’s only friend's in the world. While boycotts and protests against Israel are carried out all over the globe, concerned Americans are silenced because the corporate media and the political system have turned their country into Israel’s colony. All goods made in Israel must be boycotted. All companies having dealings with Israel must be boycotted. Israel must be completely isolated, only then will it realise that it cannot continue in this zioholocaust they have created. Only you can make this a reality.

Israel does not want peace. The US does not want peace. War means profits for the MIC. And they want war for as long as possible. Israel must be removed from the United Nations. It has proven umpteen times that it has no regard for that body by rejecting every resolution ever passed against them.

But if you are in favor of the UN then take a look at all the UN resolutions that Israel ignores. The UN is meaningless when the US can use it's veto to knock down whatever it wants and even when it doesn't the resolutions are never enforced anyway. Thus the only things enforced are whatever the US agrees with making the international body just a whipping-boy and a face to try and legitimize US imperialism.

If you suggest that I am biased, I invite you to read any sound history of the period and verify the facts.