Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to tspoonfr

Welcome to tspoonfr @ Blogger

Bonjour, Hello, Jambo, Hoi, Yow and a who dat !!!Welcome to tspoon blog - voted no1 blog in yahee and giigle 2006. Negotiations for a big money buy out from one of the top companies in the region of between 18 - 20 million francs is at an advanced stage of proceedings.Your help in reading this blog and keeping up to date with events will ensure you become a share-holder when the company is sold and in-turn you will profit zilch. I will talk about UK, US and International news. Sport, including football, darts, 3 day eventing, scrabble and the world championship 'get licks' 2007. Hopefully you'll enjoy my rants, wisdom, wit, humour, knowledge, cursing and general one-sided opinions, on everything that is important in our world today. This blog is in no way intended to be racist, sexist, ageist or offend any persons, who can take me to the small claim court’s and end my dreams of building a playboy mansion, equipped with chocolate waterfalls and live-in staff like uncle Hugh. It would be wise to review these news summaries while under the influence.

Many of my so-called friends have no time to read newspapers and magazines, which will help them appear more intelligent and sophisticated. I do wonder what type of jobs they have, where they are unable to find a spare 5 hours during the day, to relax read the news, football stories, internet chat, ebay shopping and downloading the new Best of Lil Kim and G Unit albums.

So as a personal way of saying thanks to you all, I will review the issues throughout the world and bring them back to you in street-format. I basically provide a cut down version of news, politics and sports events, keeping you abreast of issues you would otherwise deem 'suck teeth'. I take my self acquired role of journalist to the masses with great honour and as serious as a heart attack, to tell the truth, the whole truth and the right to alter the truth as and when required.

The time has arrived for you to decide whether you are an ostrich or a member of the human race and the last time I looked I only wore feathers in private. Bring your head out of the sand and get involved. I am tired of the horrific violence we see on the streets on a daily basis. Sickened that our black people continue to bury their heads, hoping the next news clip, is not about their son, brother, nephew, uncle, husband. Fed up of forever being told things are difficult. Things are always difficult. Learning to drive a car is difficult. Getting your first job or house is difficult. Bringing up children is difficult. Your first threesome... well you get the pont.

The new and latest blogs will always be on the first page, putting the older blogs last. To read the old blogs, go to the bottom of the page and click on older posts (see I don't forget you Mum)

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