Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liverpool - players houses burgaled

Following Steve Gerrard's house being burguled on Tuesday night, while he was helping Liverpool overcome Marseille to venture into the last 16 of the Champion League competion, the club has decided to increase security of all players and staff while Liverpool are playing away from home. Just for the police record - I was at the same game as Stevie G so I have nothing to do with the alleged burglary although if one of my friends offer me a stolen porsche 911 with the number plates of SG1 for £8,000 I will be tempted without giving it a second thought.

For it to be the sixth Liverpool player in the past year to have either their house or car broken into, has all the hallmarks of an inside job akin to 'The Brink Matt Robbery' when the main security guard was the brother-in-law of a known villian. So every check must be made, both inside and outside of the club. The fact that these burgularies have only occured since the arrival of Jermaine Pennant, begs one to question the where-a-bouts of the said player and his unhappiness of the form of rival's Ryan Babbel and Harry Kewell, which to some, has left JP pondering his future in the game. Although Pennant is out for 5 years with hamstring and metatassal injuries respectively, rumour's floating around the local Tesco's and McDonald's in Liverpool, suggest he has played his last game for the club. In fact there are no more Jermaine Pennant football shirt's to be found on sale at the club shop and if pressed the staff at Anfield will deny all knowlegde that he ever played for the great Reds. The rumour that JP is on the run, in Edingburgh attempting to off-load four porsches and a top of the range BMW are totally unfounded. Suffice to say it was a Jermaine Pennant look-a-like. Either that or the fact the the Liverpool players are stupid enough to invest in the same alarm system, all with the same pin-code could help explain why the championship has not found it's way to Anfield since 1989.

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