Friday, February 15, 2008

Israel - Who do you think you are?

I had to pen this thought after watching and listening to a Government Israeli Jew guy on the news last night. Basically the presenter asked if he felt sorry for a leading Palestenian man killed three years ago, rumoured to be assinated by the Israelian Government, to which the government man replied, he did not know who killed x, but he had many enemies and he felt no sympathy for his death. This from a man who's people were gassed by Hitler and had 6 million Jews die in the holocaust, during WWII. It's like Amy Whitehouse and Whitney Houston coming out of rehab and cussing the same people who made them clean and sober.

I have been following the Israel/Palestine issue for the past few years, as I like to get the full picture rather than watch SKY News and their biased reporting. In a nutshell for people who do not read the Times or Guardian 60 years ago there was no country called Israel, but there was a piece of holy land called Lebannon, where Jesus was born and many historic events have occurred during the past two thousand odd years. Lebannon was considered a holy place and lived in peace by all faith's and denominations. All religions had lived side by side in tranquily and peace until 1917 when the British (had to be) by the name of Arthur James Balfour declared Lebannon the place where Israeli Jew's could settle.
This was done without any discussion with the local Palesteinan people, who woke up to find new settler's and much of their land gone. Over the past forty years Israel has extended it's paws so brutally that the United Nations has on a number of occassions issued declarations warning Israel to behave and stop its endless bombing of their neighbour's. Today the people are more like refugees in their own land which now is about the size of a football pitch has been the increase of Israel's land mass over the past half century. You see Israel can carry on like Tyson because they are backed by the US with all the arms and weapons it needs to keep the little Palestinian man at bay. They show no compassion for a people so limited in resources that David Beckham and family have more underwear than these people. And not only that but the lack of respect they show in the holiest of holy land's is disgusting. A few weeks back in one of Israel numerious attacks against pea-shooter's Palestein, they bombed the actual church where Mary had Jesus. Fe real! The nativity stable where man was born was blown into a million pieces, while certain man was playing cowboys and indians. And yet no church man stood up to defend the bombing, the damage or the endless attacks on a people who's birthright was that land.

So the next time you see reporting of events in the middle east and especially the plight of the Palestinian's hopefully you'll have a better understanding and maybe in time harmony can be restored to a region decades deep in chaos.


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