Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two fingers and more up to the SUS Laws

As a black person I welcome the return of sytematic police public brutality as much as I would be glad to see us return to sitting at the back of the bus. As a teenager attending college my friends and I were subjected to this attack on a daily basis. This has led me to have a such a disdain for the police and authority that I place them on a par with the low-lifes and crack-heads. Even today, after 25 years I spit on the floor when I pass them in the street. Not on one occassion did I have a policemen talk to me kindly or inquire as to my whereabouts. It was always a public display of maschosim, that I was unaware of at the time and on two seperate occassions I had drugs planted on me, in order to either confess to some known crime or to grass on my mates. This is the real reason for the discussion about returning to these barbaric laws. I have yet to hear anyone discuss whether it would help catch any terrorists or the illegal people who enter the country in their thousands on a daily basis. Because the SUS laws is all about making black people's lives more miserable than they currently are.

I am fully aware there is a huge gun crime occurring on our streets, to such an extent, living in London is akin to being an extra on the Scarface movie set. They'll soon be selling bullet proof jackets in Primark and made to order bullets in shopping centres up and down the country. I overstand that we have parents who have children caught up in this endless and foolish battle for props and so called respect, who are either forced into gangs for protection or enter the gang world as a way to make paper. I totally overstand from the youths that work is difficult to obtain and when you get that elusive job, that Aunty is keen to know all about, do your work collegaues treat you any better than they did Kunte Kinte, back in the day?

There should be other incentives other than drapsing up man by the shop window of Abbey National and then have to let him go, all because he matched the description. Why can the police not enter and talk to the leaders of the communties where the main trouble is occuring and offer a better surveilleance and protection for its neighbourhood? How come we don't hear no shoot out and man get merc'd in Knightbridge? Why do not the police employee more black police constables and black man in top positions instead of always grass roots, running around picking up tramps in the park? Can the police not implement a scheme whereby they have a day where they mix with the same community that they police? Such as a sports day or similar. The point I'm making is that there are a whole heap of different and better solution's they could implement before they even consider taking us back to those pre riot days. To those policeman who remember we were softly sofltly in dem day, as a result of listening to too much soul music and Luther Vandross. Let me tell you something about these new youths out there. You think some of we was bad because we used to go a dance and listen to Shaka and Coxsone or go late night pictures and come out 3am practising Snake in the Monkey Shadow? Well those youth-man today, on the streets will not accept them stop and search foolishnesss and unless one of them five-0 man want his wife and children to be planning his funeral I would suggest you take your fucking racist suggestions back to your bosses and tell him to go on Heygate estate at 1am and stand firm.


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