Monday, March 17, 2008

Football update

Again the call for more Black football manager's has reared it's ugly head like, Amy Whitehouse raising from a drunken evening out with Pete Dochety. On one hand I would like to see Sir Les, Johnny B and a few others test their trade against the top in Europe, for I feel they have a lot to offer and would change the game for the better. But this problem is not resided to the UK. Having worked and lived in europe for the past decade, this is a common problem in all the top countries: France, Italy, Germany, Holland and Spain. Granted there a few exceptions to the rule, as there always is, however when you calculate and work out the percentages, based on the population, the UK is no worse racist as the rest of europe, when it comes to hiring black managers for the managerial post.

In Holland, there are two black managers, Italy has one, Spain one, France none and the UK none in the Premiership and only 2 out of the 92 football league clubs. Long has been the debate that most black footballer's do not want to enter the fray of a result based business, where the fans will turn on you quicker than Dick Turpin turing up at a Sean Paul dance. However it is hard to sit back and watch ex players, like Bryan Robson, Gareth Southgate, Roy Keane and a host of others, including Alan Shearer who if rumours are true, does not need to actually obtain his coaching badges, as his name and standing in the game, will warrant a top job, when Al is ready. All the while, Paul Ince, scaps in Division whatever, learning his trade the right and hard way. The end of season will be interesting for Incey, has his team, sit currently at the top of the Division with 10 games to go. He has already worked wonders with Maccesfield, saving them for going out of the league last season, so if he is not rewarded with a top position at the end of the season or mentioned in the same breathe as lesser mortal's then England can have little to complain about when they talk about foriegn manager's taking over the game.

Champions League:

There are four British teams in the quarter finals of the CL. That is not only an outstanding achievement but also highlights how poor England are as a National team. Granted Liverpool's performance was not as good as last week's Arsenal performance against AC Milan, but the way we controlled the game and Inter, Viera et al, shows how frustrating it is being a Liverpool fan. Our third quarter final in four years, two final appearances under Rafa Benny and yet still no impact on the premiership. It isn't the players or tactics which fail us so miserably in the EPL it's the manager's constant chopping and changing of the line-up which breeds inconsistency and sporadic performances. Bring on Barca or Fenerbache as any of the English teams left would no doubt give them an advantage. However we're more than happy to meet the porn boys from West London as everyone in football is aware, when tested, they're no more stronger than a tesco durex.

TH14 - Thierry Henry held a press conference this week to explain that he is not happy in life, and has personal issues unrelated to football. We can only summise, Henry is in 'Baby Momma drama'.

Thierry, if you're reading bro, we share your personal plight and hope you patch up tings with 'Baby Love', and don't go out like 'Flash'Ash, last seen bording a flight to Jamaica to bring back wifey. As a recognised and worth football correspondent of 4 months, I am fully aware of the reasons behind you leaving the Gunners, last Summer. T, you need to spend a day in the ghetto and see how some of them gal function. I'm sure you buy wifey x amount of shoe and handbag, take her on a few 'once in a lifetime' holiday, take her to expensive restaurant and still my girl is not happy. May I suggest you read Bobby Brown autobiography or Ike Turner's book about living with Tina, where you will find some answers on how to deal with gal, who think they are on the set of 'Sex and the City' and not in the real world.

(ps: for the record I am quite happy at home, as I just buy shoe, handbag and don't answer the mobile after 6pm).


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