Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Has Ashley Sunk To The Very Lowest?

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It's not about the tackle. It was rash, it was a red card, it was no less savage than Martin Taylor's challenge on Eduardo despite the merciful lack of lasting damage - but it was a mistimed tackle in the same vein as those committed by Steed Malbranque and Stephen Hunt this season, and those players have not been singled out for vitriol. Anyone who has ever played football on a regular basis knows they are guilty of at least one 'oh bugger, I've misjudged that slightly' moment.

No, it was the reaction. He is supposedly a grown man but he acted like a three-year-old. Actually, make that a two-year-old, because by the time most children are three they know when they have done something very, very wrong and have the good sense to say sorry.

I defy anyone - even Chelsea fans - not to watch the footage of Cole's booking by the cowardly Mike Riley and not mouth the word 'c***'. He argues the case, then turns and refuses to look at Riley in a 'if I don't see the yellow card, it doesn't count' way, only finally turning around when he is threatened with a red card, and then walks away muttering to himself at the injustice of it all.

Now read this extract from the tabloid tale of 'PRETTY blonde Aimee Walton', who did the sex thing with Cole after he vomited in the back of her friend's car on the way back from a club, and try again not to use the C word. And I don't mean Cole.

"During the ride he was slurring his words and was a right mess. Then he just threw up everywhere. My friend was going mad but he just smiled and said to me, 'She should be privileged Ashley Cole was sick in her car.'"

She should be 'privileged' that he vomited in her car.

Arsenal fans had good reason to villify Cole ater his behaviour before, during and after his move to Chelski. Not only did he meet (accidentally, of course) with Peter Kenyon and Jose Mourinho about a move while still an Arsenal player, admitted he nearly crashed his car when Arsenal only offered him a pitiful £55,000 a week, he then castigated the Gunners in his autobiography for making him a "scapegoat", saying they had "fed him to the sharks".

The rest of us just thought of him as a greedy little irritant in a stupid white suit while undeniably the best left-back in England, but this last year, there's no doubt that he has asurped all-comers in the 'most despicable player in the Premier League' charts. Any previous contenders - Robbie Savage, El-Hadji Diouf, Craig Bellamy - just look like pantomime villains at the side of Cole.

There are others that hate the likes of Pascal Chimbonda and Emmanuel Eboue, but are greed and pathetic diving really in the same league as Cole's particular brand of nastiness?

His book is called 'My Defence'. Has he really still got even the semblance of one?

{reader's comments}

"the thing that gets me is the way Cole reacts to every decision that goes against Chelsea, however inconsequential. He always reminds me of the kid at school who gets caught for clearly talking or messing in class yet still argues with the teacher that he is innocent. How can he still look people who support him in the eye after behaving the way he does on a football pitch. I suppose 100 grand a week helps...d**khead. "

"I have utter contempt for ashley cole, john terry, frank lampard and drogba... probably a few others too at chelsea but why are they aloud to get away with it soo often? Surely a panel set up to investigate these incidents after the game could meat out an effective punishment, try and stamp out the abuse. Everyone says it but look at rugby, the guys are man mountains yet they have either respect for the referee or great self control. Some footballers just act like spoilt little brats, but i guess the old addage of rugby player being gentleman playing a thugs game and vice versa rings true. Does this have anything to do with the fact that most people who play rugby went to private schools, and probably are taught a higher standard or moral values than your average dim witted footballer?!?"

"Hard to believe how far this young man has fallen....from hero to zero in the space of what, 3 years? By all accounts an extremely unpleasant chap. Couldn't happen to a nicer person! "

"Cashley is the reason why I have stopped going to watch Chelsea. I've only been a 8 to 10 games a season man, but no way am I paying to watch the irritating pest in blue. Please can we have Dan Petrescu back. Please. "

"Has the car owner tried to flog Ashley's lovely vomit on eBay yet?"



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