Tuesday, March 11, 2008

who is in the FA Semi's

Not since 1995, has the semi final of the FA cup thrown up contestants from outside of the big four, but this weekend proved the romance and bra-strap of the F.A. Cup still exsists. Portsmouth's victory over Man U followed by Barnsley's 1-0 victory against the porn boys from West London, has ensured that this year's FA Cup final, will not have us falling asleep by the 28th minute, only to wake up when the game has petered into extra time. Hopefully this year' s finalists will rekindle the days when Mummy, said I could control the TV and my Sister could do the housework that day. I used to wake up from 7am, have my munchies and comics layed out in front to watch FA Cup Tiswas, with Sallly James and her tight tops with the top 3 buttons always missing. Coming down Wembley way, Wembley Mastermind, followed by It's a Knockout, followed by the Road to Wembley, FA Cup Question of Sport, meet the players at the team hotel and then the last moment before the teams embark on the Wembley turf, the national anthem and then the team line-ups are displayed, 1-11. Not this numbers madness we have today, where you have the right back wearing number 32, next to the centre half wearing number 27. Not to forget later in the evening, watching the highlight's on BBC's, 'How the Cup was won'. Those were the days before live and endless football on the TV, the streets were deserted and that week's copy of the 'Roy of the Rover's' comic would have a special pull-out for you to complete and attach to the wall for prosperity. 'Ahhh, bring that beat back....'

Should this year's Semi's and final prove to be entertaining then may I suggest we leave the big four clubs out of the competition for next season and give the non-league teams a bye into the fourth round proper.


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