Monday, April 13, 2009

UK Government - Email scandal

Following the debacle surrounding the Labour Party's effort to smear opposition leader David Cameron which in turn has led to red faces for those involved, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown. A leak in the foreign office has enabled tspoonfr to be the first media organisation to obtain a copy of the alleged email's in question. Against a backlog of intimidation, threats and counter-threats from MI7 and relevant intelligent services to prevent us from publishing the extracts of those emails, we decided in the interests of professional journalism to proceed.

email sent from G. Brown

"I want dirt on the son of a b**ch. We all have some dirt whether that be tax evasion, numerous mistresses of the odd drug habit. I want something on Squeaky Cameron and I want it pronto".

reply from junior minister:

"Dear Mr Brown. I hasten to add that this particular practice goes against the grain of decent and fair politics. I am not sure I wish to participate in scandalous activities on behalf of the political party I have been involved with for more than 40 years. This is a sad day in Labour Party history, but should I visit my bank next month and see a considerable increase in severity then I will do all I can to smear that sonofabit*h and hang his balls to dry. Please inform this office of your requirements and we'll ensure actions are carried out hence with".

Based on these emails, Gordon Brown did a massive u-turn on Thursday evening, from his previous high ground when he claim no knowledge of these events to releasing a statement apologising for any underhand tactics involved by himself or his deputy.

The offices of tspoonfr would like to clarify, that we believed all along that Gordon Brown is unequipped to lead the local hockey team in his village never mind the country out of the economic turmoil it currently finds itself awash with. Watch this space for further evidence of the goings-on at Number 10.


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