Thursday, November 15, 2007

Celebrity Skin up

With the advent of the reality shows such as Big Brother, Jungle, Gordon Ramsey's Hell Kitchen and the variety of brat camps for the kids, I decided that as few black people watch these shows, we need a show aimed at our cultural viewing habits. I therefore decided to stop doing anywork this afternoon and concentrated on putting pen to paper. Or in my case, opening MS word.

As the ratings in all these shows are diminishing quicker than Britney Spears' underwear, I have spent the last few hours writing a new type of reality program, called 'skin up or get out'.

The basic elements of the show as follows: It starts with ten housemates, who have to spend a week in the house with people they do not know, but share one thing in common. They are weed all addicts. When I use the term 'addict', it is not the same as the other drugs such as heroin, coke or ecstasy as I deem a weed addict as someone who smokes more than ten spliff's a day. So have you decided which side of the fence you reside? OK, come with me to the twilight zone.

The people we have decided to enter the 'house of Bob' at the start of suogo for the week long stint are as follows:- I would like to add that at the time of writing, these celebrities have yet to returned their application forms and signed the insurance police's.

Snoop Dogg - His participation goes without saying. If there was a captain it would be the Shiza. Correctly installed as odds-on favourite by the local bookmakers.

Me - As a naturel and the author of this blog, I get to rub shoulder's and break cigarette with the peeps dem.

Katt Williams - Will keep us entertained with his endless jokes and Katt has also been know to roll two before breakfast.

Emile Heskey - We would all like to know how this man faked beconming an International and Premiership football player for the last ten years.

Whitney Houston - For more than her singing, WH will have us all entertained with horror stories involving Hollywood, Bobby and the night she spent with Eddie Murphy. I think it's easier to say, that the male members in the house, can come out and say, "Whitney rolled one for me". Now not many people on this planet can say that.

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Anonymous said...

how do I apply to be a contestent? and will there be free weed?