Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2007

This Sunday in Amsterdam will be the 20th annual running of the Cannibis Cup, where judges will be awarding trophies in a variety of sections from Indica to Hashish herbalisation to cannibis growth. I have not been to the festival before, but my friend Dirk has, and we will be attending on Sunday in a reseach and journalistic capacity. I understand it to be a bit like the Ideal Home exhibition, but with Cheech n Chong at the door. I have no idea on how the judging works, or whether there are freebies for the public! Needless to say I will be be there all day Sunday, until sweeping up time in order to bring you some pictures of buds for our die-hard smoking fans. My sympathy goes out to all those who have to attend church this Sunday. And here's me thinking that F.A.Cup final day was special.


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