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De Menzes - The Health report

De Menzes

De Menzes - The report out yesterday produced its final conclusion’s that although the police had been found guilty of grave and catastrophic errors, no prosecutions will bought against the two police marksmen, involved in the brutal murder of John Charles De Menzez. Late last night, Ian Blair, (Tony second cousin, on his father side) head of the metropolitan police failed to resign and therefore will still be having his standard two week holiday on Torremolinos in August.
So how is that, police marksmen, can shoot dead an unarmed man, seven times in the head and not be brought to justice? To those of us brought up in South London need not have waited for any enquiry or official official report. We have seen this happen far too often; the only surprise being that it took two years for it to come to this stage. For those unable to recall the previous executions by the police in London a few of the names may actually jog your memory. Brian Douglas, Joy Gardner, Cynthia Jarrett, Terry Nicholas, Roger Sylvester, Andrew Kernan, Derek Bennett, Ricky Bishop, and Clinton McCurbin. Needless to say this is tip of the iceberg, taking into account the report from the home office, that since 1991 there have been 285 suspicious deaths, by the metropolitan police and at the time of writing (Nov 207) not once has a police officer been charged or dismissed from the force. Of these deaths only 12 are against people who are white, so is it any other reason that people of colour has a hatred for the police?
A recall of the events since that fateful day of July 2005, has been fully documented and discussed and yet it seems that very few people are astonished of the actions of the police, who made the cops on Reno 911(If you have yet to see this show, roll one, sit back and hold belly) appear professional. Here are just a few of those points:-

Departure from the flat in Scotia road

The police arrived and staked out the block of flats in Scotia road, not based on some kind of Interpol tip off, but because they found a gym membership card on one of the previous days attackers, listing the block of flats as a home address. For those of you who live in a block of flats involving 200 or more tenants, be careful. After all the training that the police perform and participate in, they failed to identify the person they were looking for, because the officer on the ground was having a wee. So when Jean Charles left the flat, the police were unable to confirm whether this was the suspect or not. This was actually in Reno 911, series 1 episode 8. What I'd like to know is; was there one police office staking the block of flats or two? If more that one policeman, were they both going to the toilet at the same time? Up against the same wall or different walls? Has anyone else ever seen a policeman, extracting the urine in public? Are you stupid?

The Bus drama

Still not having given a positive ID back to control tower, the police then followed Jean Charles, who by this time had caught a bus, because the station he normally uses was closed. But again the Reno cops failed to follow a large one ton bus packed with passengers, travelling no more than 30 mph. The excuse the police gave were that they were unable to keep up, because the bus kept switching in and out of the bus lane, did an ollie by manor Park Road Bridge, before escaping on two wheels up a the one-way junction, by the Tesco’s in Streatham high street. They eventually lost the bus, and were only saved when the bird in the sky was able to give a pinpoint, accurate location of the missing big red bus. When the police caught up with Jean Charles, he was actually stepping off the bus before crossing the road to enter Stockwell station. At no point did the police challenge, bend his arms behind his back and tell him to spread his butt cheeks (or is that only black guys?). The police did not even kick him in his goolies and then report he was resisting arrest. They didn't even do a standard 'stop and search'. It could be that at police training in Hendon, they are taught not to challenge members of the public, especially people of colour, as they may be contaminated with Al Qaedaitis. Again, are you stupid?

Stockwell Station

At this point there were 628 senior police on the trail of Jean Charles, with more back up of SPG vans in streets only yards away. Jean Charles was not running to get away as mentioned in earlier biased reporting nor did he vault the ticket barrier to escape paying his fare. None of this foolishness happened. He entered the station like any normal citizen, collected a free newspaper, swiped his ticket at the barrier and WALKED down the stairs to get on his train. He even stopped to chirps to a young woman by the name of Nicola; he saw looking fit, at the ticket machine. Nicola has declined to comment further, as she is in a relationship with a bad boy from Willesden and had no business being in South London on that fateful day. Again at no point was he stopped, head butted or given a kick-in where the bruises don't show (again is that just black guys?) It was at this point that Mr De Menzez sat in his seat only to be confronted by some big bully geezer, from the best trained firearms tactical unit. Before De Menzez could even utter, passport, he was jumped on and gunned down like a savage rottweiller, seven times, although he was unarmed and non-confrontational. All of this in front of other passengers in the same carriage. Passengers including several women and children! How sick can you get? This is what the government call preventing terrorism. They (the police) act more like terrorists than Bin Lady. Suffice to say, I have not seen the actual Bin Lady at work, however I have seen and felt the work of the boys in blue. (I only had 5 spliffs and was ready to throw them away before they threatened me with Guantanamo food). It was as if the message was clear from an early stage that they were going to take out the gringo and show him he cannot come to England and mess with the Met boyz. Are you still stupid?

The aftermath

Following the independent police complaints commission statement late last night, that there are no winners, was bit like one of your children take you wallet and you don't beat anyone of them. If one don't own up, they both get licks. So if one of the police officer’s is hiding something they should all go to the tower. However I heard on the grapevine, they cannot go to jail as there is no space due to over-crowding, When the numbers have gone down, then I am sure the chief prosecution office and the justice system will do the honourable thing. And as for Ian Blair failing to resign as head of the met police, he's another one who needs a lick in his head-top. Feisty....


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