Monday, November 5, 2007

Dress Down Day

Can someone provide a breakdown of clothing that are appropriate for the standard 'dress-down' at work? I spot or notice others in 'dress down' atire,n and day out but I do not possess: plastic shoes, or the shoes with the turn-up's at the front and back (what is all that about??). Nor do I possess any ¾ length trousers or trousers with 8 pockets. I do not even have a cardigan much less a V-neck one. And as for my jeans fraying at the bottom, dragging two yards behind me on the ground, wringing wet from last week's rain downpour - again I have straight leg jeans. Normal. I'm more of a designer man which means I look as though I'm just arriving from a night-out, where my new fesity work colleges, chuckle and wonder if I am auditiong for the new coco-the-clown. Presently I have declined the option to turn up to work in Armani or Moshchino jeans and arrive looking like the Chief Executive of the Bank, in my shirt and tie, cufflinks and a suit when everyone else adapts ther version of the 'dress - down' mode. If someone in your office has a pair of those plastic shoes (you know the ones - traditionally brown with the bubble sole) can you ask them where they bought them from and then go outside and have a big laugh.

amendment : 2 days later

I just found from one of my friends that the jeans when they are long, sweeping the ground, dis-coloured, frayed beyond repair is not considered nasty, but 'grunge'. Matched with those cheap-looking slip-on plimsoles (VANS) and a checked lumberjack/woodcutter shirt, 30 something men in the office are now considered to be 'retro'. What next? A return of monkey boots, Farah's and Gabacci cardigan's?

It must be me.....


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