Monday, November 5, 2007

Benitez out - Liverpool rant !!!

What I have been seeking for two seasons now is for our Manager, Rafa Benitez to depart gracefully from Liverpool football club hence forthwith. For the record I have never been impressed by him. I'm an original Liverpool fan - driven by the desire to win the league and restore the mantle of greatest club in Europe. Rafa's persistent rotation of the team is detrimental to the players and fails to provide any stability or continuity (which I learnt is a huge requirement, on my way to winning Premiership Manager on the Play station in 2002). His lack of tactical savvy has exposed itself time after time. The amount of money Benitez has spent (prior to this season) makes Gerrard Houllier extravagence His failure to start with Torres and Benayoun (who has looked our best player since he arrived) portrays all the sanity of Harold Shipman. Instead they find themselves constantly sitting on the bench, watching the rest of his team-mates out on the pitch, puzzled as to the tactics, formation and importance of getting three points against teams such as Portsmouth, Birmingham and Spurs.

Even I would relish my chances against JC and Sami Hyypia. Finnan and Abeloa are decent defenders but offer little in going forward.The midfield has gone backwards. I used to love watching Momo play, but since he was dropped last year he's played a nightmare in every game. Every single one. What I notice about him is that he can tackle, chase etc but cannot pass the ball 5 yards. It's sad that no one at the club has failed to point it out to him and work on his lack of ball distribution. What's the point of training - or does Rafa rotate the training as well? I believe he could be as good as Viera with the right guidance. As for Gerrard, stuck in a limbo like most British players at the top of his game - where to go next? You can clearly see he needs a new challenge, he knows he'll never be dropped for Liverpool and that can only breed complacency, which in-turn produces dodgy games in a red shirt. He'll end up similar to Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, great players - but only in the Premiership. (What is it with English players not plying their trade in another league? )(article to appear here next month).

I thought we bought the wrong player in Babel (I wanted us to go for Drenthe, more direct and skilful), but I could understand the thinking in trying to get more out of Pennant. As for JP, he's getting on my man-breasts, in a similar irritating way 'al la Heskey. Another enigma. Bundles of talent, pace and good feet - but fails to deliver far too often. How many goals has he scored for Liverpool? One. I'll say no more. And he wants to play for England... He's not even in my fantasy football at a cost of only a million.....Babel has pace, is direct but far too inexperienced and not good enough yet - to know the demands of our club. I'm sure his time will come.

As for Crouch, Riise, Alonso and Voronin - all good players but too inconsistent to be a major threat to top quality opposition - they too, have all been disrupted by Rafa's persistent rotation policy. This season should have been a launch pad. Trying to bridge the gap between ourselves, Man U and Chelsea. If we're not careful we'll go from being a big club to looking for bragging rights against Bolton, Fulham and 'Boro. Rafa you either do not have a clue - as the CL final last year embarrassing highlighted. Or you cannot get the most out of the players that YOU have bought. Either way - you are accountable to me and other Liverpool supporters - so either call John Barnes, Gary McAllister and Paul Ince and ask for help - or pack your goatee beard off to pastures new.


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