Friday, November 16, 2007

My personal top 5 cars that I've owned

top 5 cars that I have previously owned

number 1 - TVR S3. The living. By far the best car ever had up to now. I have no idea on the spec, I just know I didn't get into car conversations with man. And would you believe my previous car before this was a Fiat Uno. I went to Amsterdam two weeks before to clear my head and make personal plans, my car broke down on the way back and I noticed another TVR model in a shop window. I thought they looked straight out of Miami Vice. The rest as they say is history. Fresh on a 'H' reg 1991. Ahh those were the days.

number 2 - Saab 93. - My boss at a company got me vex - so I skanked enough money in overtime to treat myself to a saab cab. People must learn not to ramp with man from South. Thanks boss....

number 3 - Porsche 944 S2. Bought this in Manchester after I sold the TVR and then went up to Old Trafford to watch the Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubanks fight. What a night! Too many stop and search from the five-0 led me to abandon this baby after 8 months. How many times - I am not a drug dealer.

number 4 - BMW 318i. I think I only bought this because my friend had a 325. Was a nice drive until I forgot to do the tyres one winter and spun off at syndenham roundabout.

number 5 - VW Beetle to say this was the most fun is an understatement. Only my second car and I hadn't even taken my license yet. The days when you could put £5 petrol in and it would last you the whole weekend. The days when you could buy tax disc for £15 bills from the mini cab office.

Hopefully my next car which I will treat myself as a christmas pressie for 2007 :- The new Jaguar S-type 4.0 - yeah it's cold. 0-60 I don't know - it just looks criss

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