Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Queen and the Saudi killer

Last week the royal King of Saudi Arabia visited England and had meetings with top officials including the Queen and members of Gordon Brown's unelected government. If Her Maj was unaware (but I'm sure she was advised) but the same man who calls himself King of Saudi Arabia, is more barbaric than Saddam and the Bin Lady put together. If there was a number one country which harbours terrorists and funds organisations with strong fundamental Islamic interests, it is good old Saudi. However there is a difference between these so-called terrorists and the other terrorists with the funny hats, fighting for Al Qaeda. The Saudi terrorists are backed by money and political influence, and are therefore able to carry out barbaric atrocities, such as torture and public hangings, without so much as a peep from the U.N the US, UK or United biscuits. But when Snoop Dogg wants to come over to the UK and perform at sold-out concerts, he is barred on the pretence he is more likely to incite a riot and is welcomed like a Muslim at a Jewish Bar Mitzvah. Now if the Saudi King, had put his hand up the Queens dress or attempted to kiss her maj, then all the past crimes he committed would have been on Sky news live at five and someone would have to pay for allowing this madman in the country. But as they were discussing the virtues of keeping the so-called terror campaign going in the world's press, and my man came to top up Maj's Abbey National instant saver account, one can only surmise that the Duke of Edinburgh slept on his jacks that night. Allegedly.