Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Secretary or PA required

After two and a half months getting comfy in my new job, my boss has asked me to do some work. How feisty..... Please accept my apologies if you find the blog not up to the high standards you have been accustommed. Blame the man who signs my timesheets not the messenger.

Over the next two weeks, I need to be building some databases and actually look like I'm logging into the system. I have therefore taken the drastic step to advertise for a postion of PA or Senior Secretatary to handle the never-ending media requests, management meetings and time spent pursuing the art of cannibis indocternation.

To state personal requirements can be considerd sexist, ageist, racist or any other íst, as the lady in the hairdressers last week found out to her costs, when she declined to hire a muslim women for failing to take off her headscarfe and is now being sued in the small claims court. If anyone of you have those ideas, then I shall gladly introduce you to my friends smith and wesson.

My Secretary will limit me from the increasing stress-levels I encounter on a daily basis. I will require a secretary with shorthand of 180 words per minute, ms word spell checker expertise, counterfeit software 3.0 and able to put a spliff together as and when required. Should you know of someone seeking to gain experience in the journalistic world, then tell them to get in touch, at tspoonfr HQ. The rates of pay are minimal to none, with similar career prospects. I would like to say no immigrants, because of the extensive training involved, but if it's ok for the government then it's ok by me.


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