Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harbajhan .. come out and speak man...

For the past week or so, strong debate has been raging at work involving the West Indian brigade of yours truley and six ardent, knowledgable, passionate Indian cricket fans. Regardless of this debate I still love them, because they not only showed me how I could stream my cricket matches free of charge over the internet, but they help keep my feet on the ground, with their humble, simpleton approach to life compared to my chaotic 160mph, drug infested, 5 brain cells short of a full package - so at the end of the day we can still share a Chicken Biryani and compare Sunil Gavaskar to Sir Vivian lick-six-no-helmet-gum chewing Richards. If they would visit the coffee shop's with me more often and indulge in an orange bud or northern lights special, they would see that looking like Bob Marley is in fact a good sign and therefore Andrew Symonds is a hero.

In last week's second test involving Australia and the Indians in Australia, an altercation occured between Indian spin bowler, Harbajhan Singh and Australian local aboriginal boy-done-good, Andrew Symonds. It was reported that a racial slur was used against Symonds and the matter has been submitted to the ICC (International Cricket Committee) to review the incident and pass on it's findings. The fact that this was only one of the incidents in a tension charged match, which will go down in history as one of the finest, and to those able to watch it free, only Liverpool winning the premiership will top that.

So there we have it, an action packed match involving two teams with a variety of styles, but both better than England so worth talking about for cricket fans. The point I want to make, is that when racism rears it's head it is to be dealt with quickly and fairly. As a black person I spot the signs from around the corner, so I knew Symonds either did not understand or failed to hear the remark made by Harbajhan. For I am sure, should that had been the case we could well be discussing the first murder on a cricket pitch. I attempted to explain to my be-loved Asian brethrens that with Harbajhan being a role model he should be seen to do the right thing and not bury his head in the sand, a - la ostrich. Around the globe, reading various blogs and newspaper articles, the black people are seething at Harbajhan and want him to be a man and confront the situation before the ICC decision.

What shocked me when talking with the guys who can boast of having a proper cricket team, not living off past glories - where I have to trade war-stories of past world cups and the number of century partnerships involving messers Greenidge and Haynes, was their inability to see that certain things are racist and that a black man will kill you for being racist. They seemed to think, let the authorities decide what is best and also that the Australians are far from perfect themselves, as though that is ample enough justification. I even had one of them tell me, that half-caste is not black. It is this niaevity which means black people stand more alongside Muslims's than they do of Indian Hindu's and Christian's. All people of colour are oppressed by white people in power. Being an educated Indian does not exempt you from racism, in the same way Lewis Hamilton will be stopped by the police if he so much as have a white woman in the front of his porsche.

Well all I can say is if Ricky Ponting makes any remarks to Sachin then I want to see Dohni, drop his gloves and drop some blows onto Ponting - al la Tyson style and stand up for your race, country and your self. There is no place in society, sport or the work place for racism and in an era where there are more more mixed-race children than children from the same race, then we have to think of the society we are bringing our children into and ask ourselves, what have we done to help and nurture that. And by Mr Singh burying his head in the sand, by not being a man and standing up to his actions and responsibilities inflames the situation as it did last year involving Jane Goody and Shelpa, from Big Brother. For Mr Singh to not call a press conference with Symonds and defuse the situation before the next test match is tantamount to being guilty. This is how black people think. We do not wait for a judge to pass sentence if we feel we have been wronged. Granted most of the times we get this wrong, but our excuse is that we were slaves for over 400 years and therefore carte blanche allows us that privilege, to not have to wait for a white man to tell us if we have been racially abused or not.

So my conclusion is Indian guys should stop trying to pretend they are white. At the end of the day your boss is likely to call you a paki as he is to call me a black bastard. There is no difference when you are oppressed and victimised. Should the Indian guys question why they take the side of the white man in times like this then the gap between both races can be bridged. Failure, I'm afraid will mean Harbajhan having a police escort the next time he visits the West Indies. Speak Harby, come out and speak man.... before it's too late. Stop act like a child and carry yourself like a big man, sit down with Symonds and iron out your differences.

Because, at the end of the day white people are laughing when they see two people of colour cannot agree and move on. The only person to lose out of this will be Uncle Bucknor. Granted he made a few poor decsions, but to say Steve Bucknor has it in for the Indians is nonsense, and for him to not partake in the next match because of complaint's made against him will further antagonise the two sets of fans.


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