Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rafa Benitez latest...

Many of you have been wondering why I have not commented on recent events at Liverpool football club. As a tru red, it saddens me to see us perform the way we do and then to listen to the bullshit that Rafa talk's after every failure. So until we have Paul Ince installed as Manager then I will refuse to comment on our club or continue to look over my shoulder while Everton and Manchester City contest the fourth champions league spot.

For those of you interested I have sent an email to Al Qaeda to seek Rafa and justify a suidicide attack. Sign the petition form at -->

Should Paul Ince arrive in the next month or so - then I still believe Liverpool can finish a credible second in the premiership. All Incey has to do is grab half a dozen of the players and drop some arms-house on watless people who put on the shirt, take the money but have no heart. Once Incey sorts shit out - watch us go.....


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