Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ostrich or Leader

One of the purposes of this blog was to allow me to learn to write and express what I think in a more conductive manner. It offers a greater avenue to spread my thoughts, and that's all they are, my thoughts and ideas. The number of comments I recieve via email leads me to think that people out there want to hear and read more of what I say and I am more than obliged to continue in this manner and style of writing.

The recent events involving Harbjhan Singh and his actions lead me to pen this blog. From the time I read Malcolm X's autobiography, I realised there can only be two types of black man in this world. You are either a ostrich or a leader in the manner of previous matyr's like Malcolm, Che and Patrice Lumumba or even going back to Nat Turner and Marcus Garvey. I purposefully left Martin Luther King out of this equation because when you have to follow a single idealogy or path, you cannot follow both Malcolm and Martin.

Malcolm defined people into two categories. There are those who are ostrich and those who make changes. You can only be one person and in time you will be judged whether you are an ostrich or a leader. If you have been reading this blog throughout, you can tell I detest ostriches and everything about them. I detest their fake humanity and weakness. I detest their lack of leadership and see this as as a critical axis, with the lack of discipline especially within black communities, to the degree our children are being murdered at the rate of one a month and yet we have so-called leaders attempting to organise, nuture and implement programs to counter the endless and forever increasing crime rate. Ostriches can only guide you into the ground and teach you to run fast. For those in the know, it is also a nice delicacy, but that's about it. They cannot lead, show nor recognise leadership attributes. It's like asking Pete Dochety to not get arrested this month or for Britney Spears to wear knickers at her next awards visit.

An ostrich is someone in position to make a difference and yet fails to grasp that baton. We are all faced with obsticles we either do not like of find difficult. That is what life is. It's a journey whereby knowledge, discipline and strength all play an important part in over-coming life's trials and tribulations. Of course life and its pursuit of happyness is not as easy to find as Will Smith, but the same could be said when learning to drive, buying your first home, having your first child, first fetish adult-nappy party etc.. The reason why black people have to choose, and especially people in power have to lead correctly, is because our people are not free and until that stage we all have a duty to enhance our social and economic status, diminish all forms of racism where applicable and open doors to fellow blacks to shine, not in a grandalocious manner, through clothes and jewellerey but in raising our standard's in the fields of commerce, media and business.

It's easy to bury your head in the sand when you have jaffa cakes in the cupboard, but at all times, remember those children who do not or have not seen a biscuit for more than a year. Remember they're are Iraqi women and children dying uneccessary in an unjust war. People in Kenya dying at the hands of corrupt officials, just because they want to see some of the freedom we take for granted. You are judged by how you treat the lesser man not by your riches. And your true colours will shine through when God tests you.


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