Monday, January 28, 2008

S Type 3.0 Automatic with Leather interior... What's your's called ??

Just picked up the new whip from Germany and test drove it a 1000 kilometeres back to France. What a ride. I had no music for over 10 hours but if you passed me on the Autobahn on Friday evening, between Germany, Luxembourg and France, I was the driver with the big cheesy grin who had no G Unit or 2Pac tunes, but was busting car dance moves that would put Michael Jacko and Usher to shame.

I deliberatley held off from smoking my 'Bob' until I reached back to France, and then it was as though I had just been released from a 2 year stint at Belmarsh. Needless to say wifey found something to complain about, upon my return. It would not be the same othwerwise. Seat warmer not hot enough, the air bag is the wrong colour, couldn't they have smaller wheels and how do I get around to do the shopping? So I called my boys and we bigged up each other and planned our weekend to take the car around Europe and see if we can floss like Anton Ferdinand and Nigel Reo Cocker. (If you have not seen the video clip of those two dancing to Souljah Boy - I will put it up here later in the week)

I am now back in Amsterdam, so I left wifey with the car that she does not really like but makes her feels like a WAG. I had the dreaded phone call this morning, that she is having difficulty parking the car at the local supermarket.... You just can't win with them, just love them and buy them shoes....

p.s: Needless to say I will be selling Jaguar t-shirt's and baseball caps and giving free advertising space to Jaguar. I do not need any player-hater's telling me that the S type is not a real Jag blah blah. Save dem chat for white guys as black man only interested if we look good when we pass shop window and how many digits we collect. Not that I am in the digit collecting game, actually quite happy at home, it's just an observation and should any females look to chirp me, while I am cruising in my 3.0 litre, automatic, leather interior, seat warmer, then I am already taken, have 2 children and wifey, who has already warned me that I will be washing my own brief's for the next year, should I engage in discussion with someone from the opposite sex. I have been warned.


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