Monday, January 28, 2008

Today's 5yr old's

Last Saturday, back home in France, my daughter and I were exiting a shop when this conversation took place.

Daddy: "Kelisse, Daddy normally open's the door for you, that's my job, but be careful of the road, Princess".

Kelisse: "Yes, I know Papa, but am I allowed to open the door sometimes?".

Daddy: "Of course Princess, but you know Daddy like's to do those things. Do you know what 's it's called when a man opens the door for a lady and those kind of things?"

Kelisse: "I think it's chiver or something like that Daddy. Mummy told me one day".

Daddy: "That's right princess, chivalry. It's when a man does small things like open the car door and walk next to the traffic, when we are out in the street".

Kelisse: "So when I get married, Daddy, will my boyfriend be chivalry man ?"

Daddy: "You're not getting married darling, you can live with Daddy and Mummy until Daddy dies, and then you can stay with your big brother, as Daddy does not like to think of you with boyfriend or getting married, ever! You're Daddy's princess and I know how dem man on street can be naughty. Can we talk about Dora or Narnia?"

Kelisse: "But Daddy, what happens if I want to get married and have children. Mummy says...."

Daddy: "You're not having children, you need to concentrate on going to school. Now go and sit in your car seat, listen to your little music and give Daddy some peace and quiet for 2 minutes. We'll be back home soon and then you can chat to Mummy about dem talk".

Daddy: "Kelisse, just ignore papa. Of course you will be getting married and I'm sure you will have children and we can be Grandparents, but right now you're my Princess and Daddy does not like to think about dem kinda things yet. I just love you?".

Kelisse: "You're the best Daddy in the world and I love you too, but Daddy when you were a boy did you used to be naughty?".

Daddy: "I just love Mummy OK, I do not know about any girls before I met your Mummy".


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poppetspage said...

Daddy you are silly sometimes - but you're still the best Dad in the WWW but i love you papa