Sunday, February 10, 2008

11yr old boy, can hear after cotton bud falls out

This is a story that should raise alarm bells in most black people households up and down the country. A young boy in Wales, while out playing with his friends, suddenly heard a pop and out fell after nine years, an old cotton bud, which had become dislodge and subjected his life of to one of partial deafness and misery.

We of the darker skin complexion are for-ever sitting down relaxing with a cotton bud, as though we were massaging lingerie. Well the time to take a stance has arrived, so stop. And to make it worse, I wonder how many of us are walking the streets of Deptford, who used to put olive oil on their face and hands before we went to school, looking shiny like those African players at the recent African Nations football? Is this the reason the youth's do not hear when you call them, because they have ear full of cotton bud?


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