Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Archbishop and his comments on Sharia Law

Following the recent statements from the Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning Sharia Law, there's more to this than the slip of the tongue by an old codger, dressed in fancy dress, inflaming religious tensions, in an already ignorant filled country, who have no idea of the 'offside law' never mind the law of the land. There are hundreds of different laws, already in the UK, involving numerous religions, customs and traditions which are nothing to do with Christians and people living in the UK. Already Jewish, Hindu’s and Sikh are allowed to set up there own courts to administer the punishment that fits the crime, according to their belief's and faith. It has nothing to do with the British judiciary system, and is formed by members of the community. Quite what brought the Archbishop to make these statements and not write a simple letter, outlining his concerns to the Independent or the Guardian, leads me to think that there was an ulterior motive other than just spreading this nonsense. So if these courts are already in place, what was the purpose of those comments last Friday?

I have been privy to some inside information, as I was at one of the same adult's fancy dress party in Brighton a few years ago and was actually talking to this guy about certain matter's pertaining to lingerie and lubricant when Mr Bishop, as he was known on the door gave a fine rendition of himself at the famous and well known end of year Brighton orgy party.

This is nothing but Islam scaremongering and part of the systematic UK bashing of Muslim's. One week it's how Muslim's are raising suicide bombers as young as 12. The next it's an attack on the Iman's or Leader's within the Muslim communities. Then it's how Muslim's fail to integrate or they are demanding more rights. Then another week you'll have how Muslim women are prevented from attending sex shows. All of it is for the sole purpose to stir up hatred against the Muslims. The media do not level this heavy handed continuous attack against people of other denominations, as though September 11 only occurred yesterday. The number of innocent Muslim's arrested or placed in prison's at the hands of the racist police officers is enough to open a kebab stall on every wing of Belmarsh prison.

Two weeks ago, an article was published in the Scientist magazine, which critically questioned Britain’s values, pondered whether allowing so many immigrants with a variety of religions and cultures was having a detrimental affect on the fabric of a society based on Christian laws. The article went on to suggest what could happen to the UK, if the situation got no better and the cosmopolitan make up of the society continued increasing at its current rate. Again nothing but scare mongering, and stirring up religious zealots who like nothing, but to remove all religion if it could. That way those same people who are clamouring for the Muslims to 'get out' would like to see a return of corporal punishment, school detentions, death for police and child killers etc, but as they like to engage in multiple sex partners and drink excess amount of alcohol, then they seek someone who they think is more low-life than them-selves. And these funny people who wear Burka's and grown men in white trousers, then they'll do.

Basically my limited understanding of Sharia Law is that it's a law for Muslim's, that do not proceed the laws of the land, but where you have small domestic or civil matters, these can be brought before a local Iman or Clergy man rather than bring the matter to court. And for those dibby people who still want to get involved, this is only for Muslim's who accept Sharia Law and not for the mass of people in the UK. The Muslim make up 1% of the nation, so why there is a matter that has no explanation or substance and ultimately has nothing to do with the man in fancy dress, on the front cover's of most of the broadsheet's is beyond any one's guess. It's like me making a comment or discussing batty man issues, when I am not batty. My Mum used to say "Tek ya eye outta matty business". A quick translation means, you do not involve yourself in matters that do not concern you.

There was no need for the statement as Sharia Law, only affects Muslim's and those Muslim's who have accepted and practice Sharia Law. This accounts to about 10% of the muslim population in the UK, so why the Archbishop had to highlight a story that is so low in the pecking order, it was virtually on the floor. He should simply have come out and explained that what was available to many others should be made available to Sunni Muslim's in this country. The gutta tabloid media, turned the story upside down and have been quick to stir up controversy with they're excessive lies, half truths and more spins in a story, than the twister amusement ride at Thorpe Park. Personally I believe the UK to be in dire straits, with it's teaching's, guidance, lack of morality and spirituality, especially concerning the younger generation, which is spiraling out of control. Report after report, released from the European courts, shows that the UK is languishing at the bottom or close to, in terms of education, life expectancy, quality of life, disposable income and on and on. The only time Britain claim she is a Christian country is when she goes to war or into battle against another country or when they are dissing someone else's religion. Never mind the fact that up to 60% of people in UK do not accept any kind of religion in their lives, the Archbishop is either ill equipped or uneducated on the subject to be making such statements.

Most people who attend church on a Sunday, could not tell you all the Ten Commandments even if it was on the back of a Cornflakes box. If Britain is a Christian country then why are they so quick to knock down a church and put up a off-license or bookie shop, quicker than you can say planning permission and with very little defense being met by the locals. How many churches have been turned into wine bars in the past 20 years? The UK is as much religious as Britney Spears is a good Mum. Stop player hating on the Muslim's as they are entitled as much as anyone else, to live by laws laid down by the last updated version of the European Human rights bill of 1992. There are billions of people on this planet, where religion is very important in their lives, so let people be, before I get started on some of the church man in our communities you see more at nightclub and in Mercedes than you see giving sermon. If the church wants to get involved in community issues then start by helping the parents of those sons slain in the senseless gun violence. Start by educating the young woman against the problems of having children without good fathers or how to provide a house and environment where that child can grow to be someone who is proud of who they are, with a deep rooted sense of belief in a community pulling in one direction.

The UK needs to fix up it's own joke religion if you can call it that, bring some stability on how to raise children and condemn the stupid reality TV shows broadcast daily and bring an end to the 24hr drinking culture and high divorce rates before they start to question others people's religion via man dem in a pretty frock and a funky hat.


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