Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby Momma Drama

This is primarily a message to you females out there who are mashing up man life with your Baby Momma Drama. For those not this side of the Atlantic, to be caught up in Baby Momma Drama is akin to serving 25 to life for a crime you did not commit. In a nutshell, you can spend your whole life being a good father, leading your family to pastures new etc and then when Miss Lady at home decide's she does not want to have sex parties or make an assortment of cheese and tomato triangle sandwiches. before you know it, you regular, taken-for-granted, role as Father is regulated to part-time and visits to Burger King on Saturday's.

I just ask for women out there with children to think twice before you subject us men to such a life of 1 person ready meals and circling half term dates on the Halle Berry 2004 (swimsuit year) calender. Not preaching here, just asking for you mother's to have consideration for us men and not always hope that the law comes down on your side. Children are involved and regardless of your relationship with your partner, think of the effect of the children and at times it is not always the fault of the man. It always takes two to tango, or to butterfly, put the well being of the child as a priority and not use the man to blame for all of the ills.


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