Thursday, February 7, 2008

University Education vs Street Education

Being a person who is not College or University educated, I have found that working in the work industry for the past twenty-three years that in fact it is a hindrunce to be Uni educated rather than get a job and hustle.

You see when you come through the education system as we have in the UK, uni ed, deprives you of your naturel desire to better yourself and places a ceiling limit of how far you can grow, develop and the things that ulimately aspire you in your career or work field.

Within I.T. I meet these uni bods all the time, and as I am the opposite of all they stand for and represent, I love to challenge, my skills, knowledge and wisdom against these guys from all corners of the globe. And after all these years the number of people I can count of greater knowledge than myself would be less than a handful. This is not because of any great wisdom and guidance I picked up in Peckham and Southwark back in the day, rather that people on the streets are more intune to the real world and do not live in some so called 'plastic bubble'. For example, should people ask me what I do as a living, I simply say work in computers. And that's it. I do not eleborate and give details, because I have found in my experience, most computer people to be the most boring, obnoxious, ignorant people on this planet. Speak to a computer guy about servers and networks and what the best software is for doing home accounts and he/she will provide you with a wealth of free information you would need to canel your summer holiday, if you were to ask at PC World. But ask those same people what they think about the current situation in Kenya or the senseless shootings in England and they claim either ignorance or speak in a tabliod fashion without any facts or compassion for the oppressed/victim.

I believe this partly because for a number of years while studying and living in 'shire they were cut off from real exsistence and missed something along the way. That thing called life. Single parent mother's, unemployed and people on low income, know all about real life, it's vices and importantly who is to blame for their plight. Street education harden's you for life's lessons, however painful, whereas studying the composite social teachings of Marx, means you end up at 35 walking around as many woman are claiming, 'Man 'boy'.


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