Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where are the prizes for Goal of the month

As a youngster, growing up begging Mum if I could stay up to watch 'Starsky & Hutch' followed by 'Match of the Day', we prayed for the day, we could take part in Goal of the month competition and how we would spend the #100 premium bond's winning cheque on a top of the range Chopper or Tomahawk Grifter. You could imagine my disgust when I tuned in last night, prior to settling down to Amsterdam's ladies on Nderlands Channel 4 and listened while Gary 'Crisps' Lineker and Alan 'wish I was English' Hansen, introduced the January goal of the month and mentioned there will be no prizes. What the f**k? In this era of million pound a month footballer, the BBC cannot offer a prize for goal of the month? Raas!!! One footballer at the current African Nations tournament who helped his team into the semi final was offered a wife by a local tribeman. Now this is the kind of prize I can relate to, as I have yet to work out where you cash premium bonds or whether you can use this in transactions to purchase weed.

May I suggest the BBC get in line, as to have Africa ABC upstake you in a game you consider to be the formentor's to is not only laughable but as my niece would say 'shame on your forehead'. The alternative should the BBC continue to have problems in finding suitable sponsorship, then we at tspoonfr are more than willing to donate the 'Goal of the Month' trophy, sponsored by 'take 2 and pass'.


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Yvonne said...

Aaah the premium bonds, and the football pools..

Thats a great memory of mine on a Thursday night, from age five or six, the Football Pools man used to come to the door. It was most enjoyable when no-one had spent the time to fill it in, then you got to do 11 crosses down the right hand side (only in the last collumn or you would have to pay more), write 409a on the top (our house number) and give the man the 37p.

I don't ever remember my parents mentioning winning anything.