Friday, February 8, 2008

The Premiership Abroad

With the impending news that within a few years, you'll be able to attend an English premiership game in another country. Quite what the purpose of this is, I fail to see other than a financial gain to the F.A and to capitalise on the premiership brand. Maybe it's one way to get rid of certain manager's by having their teams play in countries where they may not return. Just in case this stupid idea should materialise then I propose these are the first batches of games to be played in Iraqi Super Sunday.

Middlesborough vs Wigan

Bolton vs Newcastle

Hopefully managers, Megson, Southgate and Jewell will be held captive, by the militia and Heskey, Bramble, Joey Barton and Robbie Savage be sent in form a rescue attempt and themselves, be held hostage until they all admit to faking it as football players and managers.

These are the kinds of thoughts and ideas you have at 23:30 in the Cafe Ibiza coffeeshop, just off Spui in Central Amsterdam.


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