Monday, February 4, 2008

A day in the life of me at work

Many of you have been wondering what I do on a daily basis at work, so I thought I'd give you a break down on a standard day for me as a professional computer technical system manager/Production Support/chat batty/surf-internet/coffee white with sugar, at one of the top 5 banks in the world, here in Amsterdam. For security purposes I cannot divulge the name as it would be in breach of contract and I have better things to spend my tax-exempt-offshore wages on.

Today - Monday February 4th 2008

9:00 Arrived at work

9:10 - 10:00 - Read the news papers. First The Independent, then Telegraph, BBC News then Observer. Have to know what is happening in the world before I know whether systems and servers are running. The world is more important than my job. Well that's my excuse. During this period I drink far too much coffee and croissants.

10:10 - Found out my boss was not in today - so I'll be home in time to watch the African Nations game, even if it is Angola vs Egypt. Getting paid, while watching football, any football makes me feel like Rio, so don't player hate.

10:15 - Wrote two articles for blog: Barak Obama and Tiger Woods

11:00 - Changed a password for a user.

11:02 - Got January timeshet signed - very important day for contractors. Similar to Queen's Jubilee.

11:10 - Visited Project Manager, to explain I was snowed under with work and could he help move the dates on some of the projects I have.

11:30 - Wifey was on messenger and had tasks for me: look up stuff, inquire about this, can I print this off, send an email to blah blah and have I done..? Even 1000kms away I don't get a chance to hide. Just love them and buy them shoes....

12:30 - Read football365 for footy update, checked emails for job offer's, Men's latex catalogue and to to see if Whitney Houston has replied

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Returned from lunch. Indonesian today - local in Rembradplein.

14:35 - 15:00 Discussion in office about Lewis and feisty Spanish man.

15:00 - Internet Surfing. Sent email no. 1782 to Whitney Houston (leave me and Whitney alone)

15:45 - Project Manager agreed to extend one of my project's by another month.

16:00 - Went home after a long day in the office, having saved the bank millions and felt I contibuted to my team's efforts for the day and justified my day's rate as a consultant for a multi billion pound organisation. Hopefully if I get back in time, can arrange to have afternoon booty call with wifey, but when I called she explained it was inapproriate time, as she is about to collect our daughter from school, but she could spare 6 minutes, if that helps. Children.....

16:15 - Coffee shop and fresh new bag of Jack Herrer. Phew what a day....


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