Monday, February 4, 2008

Do you need us Lewis?

Following reports from Spain, that Lewis Hamilton was subjected to a racial abuse at the hands of Spanish fans of Hamilton's former team mate, Fernando Alonso, have not only sent shock waves through the world of motor racing, but in barber-shops up and down the country, the message has been, "We never been to Spain, but we glad to go and thump up two Spanish man".

I understand in sport there is rivalry and Alonso's fans may well feel agrieved by any actions that Lewis perfomed last year in their epic battle to wrestle the championship from eventual winner Kimi Raikkonen. But there is a limit and when, in front of 55,000 fans at testing, many of them screaming "puto negro" (black bastard) and "negro de mierda" (black shit) were clearly heard. Wore t-shirts with klu klux klan and monkey images and turing up with spears and wigs, then we do not need to wait for any official body to tell us that things are out of hand. Especially against a sports person, unable to defend himself through losing millions in endorsements and advertising revenue people who will not welcome Hamilton jumping out of his car and showing some Peckham road rage, then those Spanish fans have crossed the line. To make matters worse, this is not the only occassion in recent history where the Spanish have been brought to account over racial abuse. In England's football match in Spain last year, many black players were also subjected to a torrent of abuse, by the fans, regardless of the prescence of David Beckham on the pitch or the match being shown live on BBC. At the time, there was much talk about the players walking off the pitch, but again money talked, sex video's were made in Spanish hotels and that was the last we heard of the matter; until now.

So what is to happen when one of our sports or musicians are verbally attacked abroad and unable to defend themselves through fear of alienating a market who will never understand the total impact of racism? The fact we are having to discuss this matter in the 21st century proves the current laws and rules do not work. Are we to wait until one of the fans jumps the fence and physically attacks Hamilton? And heaven forbid if Hamilton raises his hands to defend himself. Damm you could just see the tabloid headlines "Savage Hamilton shows his true colours". I can't speak as Lewis' representative, but should he seek some advice from a bro who understands, then may I suggest from now on Lewis, you walk with your people. Get one of them bodyguard you see on the doors of Limelight's and make him walk with you in public. Soon these people will get the message, and should things kick off from there, there is only one solution left. Go to Deptford and buy a Mac 10 for £265 and show them man that you're strapped.

Them people in sports should be so lucky that they don't meet up some of my peeps from South London and surroundings. We don't do chat, when we feel victimised and if we're wrong, we're wrong. Too much fuckries going on in the world and when a man at the top of his profession is still being treated like the cleaner from Peckham picture house or the man who drives the train at Elephant & Castle underground Bakerloo line, then is it little wonder the youth's on the street turn to violence so quickly, in order to gain respect.

Don't bury your head in the sand Lewis. Standup and show you listen to Jadakiss and G Unit. Show that you know how to cuss some bad word, even if little children have to hear. Come out and say something so you show the people you're not just another sell-out black man prepared to take the papers, whatever the costs and keep your mouth shut. The ball is in your court Lewis, do the right thing or call us and let us handle your business.


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