Monday, February 18, 2008

Liverpool lose to Barnsley - tee hee

And Rafa Benny is still in job? I was cheering on Barnsley to win, in the hope that Benny would be gone by the Sunday morning, when I woke for my church breakfast. As there is no impending news over the weekend or today, I can only summise the Liverpool board are in negoitioations with Paul Ince and the severity package. Roll on Inter on Tuesday night, hopefully a resounding 3-0 to Inter will suffice and force Benny out of his and install Incey by the weekend in time for the relegation six-pointer against Birmingham. Knowing my luck and Rafa's fortune, Liverpool will put in a resolute display, at Anfield, win the game 2-0 and the Rafa dream will come alive for another two weeks, beckoning him and his team to yet another Champions League Semi, and the red top press will portray Rafa as hero on a par with Shankley, while we finish a record 158 points behind either Arsenal or Manchester United in the premiership.


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