Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are we the new McCann's

We have just spent a wonderful week in the City of Amsterdam, aboard a boat in the heart of Amsterdam city Centre. As I already work here, I thought it would be a good idea for the family to see what Amsterdam is like and to open my son's eyes to a brand new world of ladies in shop window, coffee and smart shops, and the various other liberated lifestyle I take for granted here. Oh and to take wifey shopping, past those shops with the zipped underwear and holes cut out.

On the second day, Wifey and I needed a spliff (the stresses of looking for Jimmy Choo shoes in the middle of Amsterdam and Ice cream, Ice cream every five minutes) so we stopped off in a local coffeeshop that I frequent for 30 minutes., to gather thoughts and plan the next line of attack. I ordered soft drinks and savoury for the children while we indulged in the finest sativa Amsterdam has to offer, took the weight off our feet and reminisced about when we did this pre-children and argued about who use to pass out first, while the children were happy at another table, either glued to SKY Sports or colouring and drawing, which any parent with a daughter will gladly contend, they are at their happiest.

What we'd like to know from readers, is if we are worse than the McCann's, to enter a coffeeshop with our children or should we have left them outside and after every few tokes, go to check if they are still playing in 'Dam Square with the pigeons?


In the three days since this article hit the internet, the number of emails has blocked my yahoo account, so may I ask that we kindly stop, before we are the next family to appear on News at Ten and they don't want to be putting camera and microphone in my face, as I will go 'ghetto'. The conclusion was an over whelming 95% of parents wrote in to say, that we were well within our rights to enter the coffee shop with our children and they would have stayed longer. We even had 2 letters from readers who suggested that they would not have left the coffee shop, as it has been 13 years since they last left the country, due the hubby's work rota etc and would have let the children find there own way back to the boat. The strangest letter recieved was from a gentleman in Crystal Palace, London who asked whether the rubber fetish shop in Warmostraat was still opened, as they are the number one specialist's in rubber and fetish wear for men.


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