Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Double Whammy in Lewis & Tiger

What a sporting weekend that was. And if you were a black man with bets on a Lewis Hamilton & Tiger Woods win double at the bookie shop, then collect and spend the money before wifey finds out and you'll be back in the shoe shop before you could say 'Jimmy Choo'.

First Hamilton. If the Spanish brey's ever thought they could get to my man and ruin concentration, they were badly mistaken. After the tspoonfr troops had been employed to deal with the racist Alonso Spanish fans a few weeks back, seems the motor racing world has got the message. Lewis can get on with what he does best, driving at speed, listening to 2Pac or Bob Marley, all the while knowing that the police cannot stop you ask for your documents.

I had no interest in this sport before Hamilton took part last year, and he already is having the same impact Woods had on golf, when he first went pro. The maturity and responsibility he has demonstrated since bursting on the scenes is as close to perfection as you get. Already he is opening doors to other black youths in the form of motor bikes, karting, X cross etc, where new hero's are springing up as quick as you can say Saltfish.This year will see even less computer aided driving and more driver handling of the car, which will enable the true driver to emerge from the pack. Long may Hamilton's run continue, deliver the F1 trophy and become the first black man ever to win a title on wheels.

As for TW. I was not around to see Ali in his prime, but if all that we have read, heard and seen about M. Ali, then I firmly believe we are watching a master at work, in Tiger Woods. Regardless of the course, match situation, weather conditions or whether he has his 'A' game on not, Tiger gives 110% and always believe's he can win. Standing at he last hole, tied at -9, with the other co-leader in the club house, TW needed a birdie to win the tournament. These are the moments Tiger lives and dies for, where other players will simply freeze in the moment. You could see Tiger actually smiling and joking with his caddy as they approached the 18th, as though they were high school friends embarking on a night walk around the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

After firing his drive down the centre of the fairway, he punched a six iron to within 30ft of the the hole. While everyone was getting ready for an extra 3 holes as it appeared that Tiger would 2-putt and force a play-off. They even delayed the start of the Mariah Carey concert such was the drama unfolding. Tiger, merely walked up to the ball and surveyed the hole, the way a person would look, if they were buying a few ounces of weed from the Columbian's. There was no doubt in his mind, as he stood over the ball and picked his line. The ball, took a break of 3 inches and dropped into the centre of the hole. In delight, Tiger threw his hat to the ground, as if to say "What?!! - Who da man? You guys want to test me? Move yourself you jokers...."

I have been privileged to have witnessed most of TW tournament wins and as he draws ever closer to Jack Nicholas's record of 18 major championships, it is a pleasure to watch a genius at work. Such is the dominance of Tiger, that only Tiger can stop Tiger from being the greatest sports person we have ever known. More than his golfing prowess, is his attitude, determination and overall conduct as a human being, regardless of whether he wins or not, which is marvel not only to Tiger, but to his parents who instilled those traits in him all those years ago.


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