Tuesday, March 18, 2008

China and the Olympics - a word from the people

What I want to understand is why don't the Chinese speak with the Dalai Lama? On numerous occasions he had stated that he accepts that Tibet is part of China; he only asks that Tibetans in Tibet be able to practice their own culture. Why can't China understand that? The Dalai Lama has said yes to all Chinese demands yet China refuses to do anything.

The Tibetans have demonstrated an extraordinary tolerance over the past years. However, the current regime was FORCED on them - they did not invite the Chinese to take over their country. The sooner the Chinese realise that force does not make people respect you, the better. It would also be an excellent idea if the governments of the countries taking part in the Olympics voiced their concerns - even if it meant pulling out of the Olympics. All power to the Tibetans and the Dalai Lama!

Sad that all man can do is use killing to try and solve problems. It does not seem to matter what country anymore, it is all that is done. For what...control of what? People. What is China so afraid of? People thinking for themselves.

I think the strongest and most meaningful reaction would be for all countries who were going to participate in the Olympics to not do so. Let China choke of the Olympics.

Recently Kosovo declared independence even though Serbia considered Kosovo a part of Serbia. Serbia had a much better argument than does China. But since the majority of people in Kosovo wanted independence, most western nations supported their wishes. It should be the people of Tibet who decide whether they should be independent of China or not. It is not for me nor anyone else to make that decision regardless of history. I for one will not support going to the Olympics.

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