Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Girls of the playboy Mansion

This is one of my favourite shows while I am waiting for the football to start, but I would like to make a suggesstion to Uncle Hugh, that the show could be more realistic if they had a sister in the playboy mansion, who could bring some drama to the show. I mean, she has to look like Beyonce or Whitney (pre Bobby) and have Baby Father drama, x amount of girlfriend issue and family relations who need to get hook up. Imagine one of the black girls get vex with one of Hugh Hefner's dumb blonde bimbo, over eyeliner or who borrowed who's 20 dernier tights. There would be thong's and rabbit's flying all over the place. Great entertainment.

To regular viewers of GPM who would welcome some colour into the show, I have a petition that you can sign and we will send to Uncle Hugh at the Mansion. I will also be asking Hugh Hefner if he has a deputy or an assistant to take over his empire, when he retires or when he tries a new sexual move with one of the bunnies and fails to recover.


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