Friday, March 7, 2008

Lee Jasper - Don't ever mess with the Truth

A month or so ago, we at tspoonfr condememed councillor Lee Jasper, for his blatant abuse of power and public spending, and as a so-called role model for thousands of black youths considering the plight we face, he should not only be doing more, but he was actually harming the process. You know we at tspoonfr, don't play that here. So I vented and highlighted why Mr Jasper is a crook, thief and worse how he even used racism as a smokescreen to make our people think he was the victim of the media instead of the instigator. The number of emails we had welcoming our expose, tells me that Black people are tired of their own leaders lining their pockets, while at the same time claiming to Whitey that they are the one's who are really helping. Of more than 300 emails sent in about this article we had 3 or so brothers, claiming another set up, as though Lee Jasper were Tim Witherspoon, claiming Don King stole their last million.

Well yesterday (Thursday 6th March 2008) the front cover of the Times newspaper, spoke of Lee Jasper resigning from his post working for the Mayor of London, Ken Livingston. Whether he resigned or was sacked is immaterial, however for legality purposes, resigning means he has no questions to answer as to what happened to the £100,000 of taxpayers’ money that him and his floozy in the office, Mrs Chouhan or any of the other scams Jasper has been involved in, over the past 5 years. Therefore he will be free to run 'street' bond with his 'homies' where they can plan their next victim on the coat-tails of protecting black interests. We take no direct praise for this other than the fact, that this not only proves that the small man still has a voice and that there are still certain journalists who remain respected throughout the industry who are not afraid to speak and seek the truth regardless of the perputrator, religion, race, sex or creed. Truth is truth and when you are a black man in a position of responsibility and authority, you cannot behave like a wanna be gangster, allowing the latest Denzil movie to go to your head, stealing funds earmarked specifically for black and urban projects and using that finance to line the pockets of you and your friends.

You have got all you deserved Lee Jasper, and to those black people who filled my inbox with letters of support a big thanks, as this was our first real test at tspoonfr to highlight injustice and condenm those in the wrong. We currenly have 2 black on black KILLINGS a month, not to mention the unreported stabbing's, shootings and beat-downs carried out by OUR peeps. I am tired of our parents answering the door to hear that little Benji has been shot on the housing estate or Tineka cannot play on the back grass because drug dealing is taking place and no one dare confront these youths. The so called other black newspapers, The Voice & The Nation are not really fit to put your pattie in never mind offer an alternative theory or better still come out and condemm Lee Jasper for his crimes and actions. If we continue to sweep this problem under the carpet, my young nephews and nieces will grow up into an environment where they are afraid to go to cubs and brownies, while men like Lee Jasper and the black Archbishop, John Sentamu, continue to assist in the degredation of black people and I for one will expose them for all the are worth without fear of retribution, personal attack or court appearences. This is not the BBC or SKY. We at tspoonfr have lawyers like Johnnie Cochran who will have you admitting to crimes in New Zealand and Australia before you even know what day it was.

You could have done so much for our people Lee. You could have opened workshops and implemented projects to encourage our youths into practical life situations and offer better alternatives that they have in this racist society. You could show them how government works, opened an avenue for others to follow you. That's why people like you and I have to do more to assist and further the quality of life for our black people in the UK. And when those in a position do not offer a hand then you will punished harder than the man who is ignorant or unskilled to help. It's called life and like our Mum's will always tell us, "you can hide from man, but not from your concsious".


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Toussaint said...

Hear!Hear! What you say simply had to be said. I'm tired of shameless pimps like Jasper, Ken and their bought and paid for cronies making a living off the real problems of black folks, while abusing us to justify their crookery. A dam teef is a damn teef! I hope they read your article at City Hall!