Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back in tha day

When we only had 3 TV channels and the TV would end at midnight.

When half the country waited with much anticipation for the first showing of the Michael Jackson video, 'Thriller' .

When the heatwave from the summer of 76 melted the roads and you played water fights all day without a care for the hose-pipe ban.

When a coach trip to Margate was considered a luxury break and black people dressed up to go to the seaside and bought a picnic (sic) bag that could feed the people of Zimbabwe.

When you had to play 'penny-up' in order to have lunch and if you were crap you didn't eat.

When the tuck-shop came to school and the fifth formers would steal your doughnuts and give you the sugar.

When you went to school an hour early in order to get a game of football in the playground big match.

Wearing leg-warmers was considered fashionable and over your jeans was even more hip.

When having more than 10 'kicker' tags on your kickers boots was considered 'Beckhamesque'.

When you used to visit the cab office for your annual half price TAX disc.

When you used to buy coffee machine cards and put in your Astra box to recieve SKY.

When we used to 'crub', 'hyper' and 'skank', before the butterfly, pon de river and the Armstrong.

When we used to drink Galliano & Pineapple or Rum & Blackcurrant. Connoisseur's at 17.

The period we all thought we were James Brown, walking around in black polo necks, hush puppies reminiscing about Roy Ayres, Donald Byrd, Maceo Parker and the JB's.

When we played nothing but Loose Ends, Luther Vandross, Maze and Slade music.

When all Christmas Eve would be spent at either Camden Palace or the Lyceum in the Strand.

When carnival was carnival and you could blaze your spliff in the streets without a worry for 2 days.

When you could visit the weed man and get a 'touch'.

When you used to walk to Brixton front-line for a draw, no weed bag, just a betting spliff, that you could never fold. And walk the 2 miles back, stoned and happy. It's a problem for me to walk to the sitting room on a bad day.

When the weed man used to ask if you wanted Lamb's bread or Sensi.

When you played football all day until your Mum came on the pitch and took the ball.

When the remote control for the TV was on a wire, no more than 5 ft from the TV.

You had at least one friend who's house phone and fridge had a lock and key.

When you decorated your bedroom with flock wallpaper, mirrors and cork tiles.

When you attached old trainers to wheels and made your own roller skates.


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