Saturday, March 15, 2008

News Review - Week Ending 16 March 2008

Hilary Clinton aid, Geraldine Ferraro, a vice-presidential candidate in 1984, said Barack Obama would not be ahead in the race for the White House if he were not black. When pressed by reporters regarding race and politics, Ferraro said her comments were taken out of context. We believe what she meant to say was; "How can we allow a darkie to go from washing dishes to the President in my lifetime?".

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigns after he was found to be involved in a sex scandal ring. After watching the news for the past few days, I am still unable to fathom the positions involved in a sex ring or why his wife was so upset. Maybe a sex ring is illegal. if so, please write in an educate the uneducated.

The UK Budget:

Raas, if you earn under £1.5 million a year, do not live in 'shire or have no desire to send your children to private school, then may I suggest taking up the numerious posts now available in hot spots such as Poland, Bulgaria and Serbia where due to mass immigration, a number of available jobs are suddenly available, with affordable housing, no fear of asbo's or binge drinking and the first McDonald's scheduled to open in Gdansk by Spring 2015.

On a more serious note, the number of record price hikes in the budget are a direct result of Labour's ever rising national debt, which now has seen resources drained for mindless projetcs such as the olympic games, two current wars and failure to correct the ancient rail and road networks. Never mind the fact that house prices are falling, the cost of getting to work is nearly a third of your salary, the prisons and jails are at bursting point due to the lawless-ness and desperation of the youth's and child poverty at an all time low. However instead of the British public, becoming more politically aware, in order to change things or force change from the politicians, they continue to whinge and blame their ills on that of the Muslim's and reality TV. The term, 'You get what you vote for' springs to mind.

MP's expenses:

With the release of the "Lewis List" it reveals what MP's can claim on their second house. Once you get over the shock that they have a second home while most people have trouble heating one room in their pokey, expensive, compact, abode, the MP's of the UK, can claim up to £10,000 on a kitchen and up to £200 on a coffee table. This is tax-payer's money, used for MP's expenses to keep them at a level, without so much of any accountability or embarrassment. Then again, we have no muslim MP's so we have nothing to worry about.

The Mother of the young girl in Goa, who was killed at the hands of two Indian man, had to take matters into her own hand to gain justice. Be careful when contacting the British Embassay for matter's that concern them, as it has proved much better to download the pdf file from the home office website and work it out as you do an Ikea flatpack. I fail to understand how a 15 yr old girl can be in those lands, by herself. Where was the Mother and how do parents allow, especially their girl-chile to wander on their own in foreign countries putting trust in people they have only just met?

Trevor Phillips came out this week to suggest that the UK is going throughn what is known as 'White Flight' due to mass immigration and the fact the British people are losing their identity in their own country. Interviewed on Radio Four's Today programme, he said: 'There are areas in which there is no contact or very little contact between different ethnic and cultural groups. "Nobody is putting up walls and gates but we all know that in virtually every big city there are places where different kinds of people feel uncomfortable, whether that is Asians in so-called white areas or white people in so-called black areas."

This is nothing new and the situation is getting much worse. Already white school children account for only 25% of children in British primary schools, so roll forward five years and British people will be diving off the cliffs off Dover to get away from the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. This is not racist, it's just a fact and until the governemnt have enough desire to address the problem and not continue to sweep the issue under the downing street carpet, then it's not only the USA that could be welcoming a leader with musical tastes more closer to Usher than Celine Dione.

Prince Charles and his new wifey, the horse lady, Camilla, were in Jamaica, visiting the famous Bob Marley house and taking in some reggae vibes. I wondered while Charlie was there, whether he induldged in some cultivation of the 'Kingston Herb' to grasp the full benefit of his visit west side.

The new chip and pin cards have been found to be unsafe after only 18 months in operation and reports suggest that the figures are actually worse than predicted. Statistics (official ones) have proved that the new cards are easy to clone and fraud and thousands of customers have been left short-changed and overdrawn. This could have an adverse effect on my good friend Dominic, who has been paying his mortgage via this method for the past year.

China: On the 5th anniversary if the Iraq war, up to 100 protesters in Tiebet, have died while demanading an end to social injustice, free speech and the return of hundreds of political prisoners, held on trumped up charges in Chinese jails. I wonder how long before we see the US and UK troops pouring into the the capital of China, and restore order on behalf of the Chinese.

The Tibetians are demanding seperation from China, as they are free thinking mainly Buddhists and Monks and with the Olympic Games happening in the summer, there will be more demonstraition from the Tibet people, who want independence fro Chnia in as much the same was as Russia was disbanded into Kosova, Gorgia etc....

Such hypocracy and two-face is what breeds fundamentalists across the globe. There is not a mention to boycott the games, via the media, more interested in whether Jordan wore knickers at a variety show last week. Regardless of the number of innocent people killed at the hands of the communist Chinese Army and Police for demanding equal rights and more widespread policies. The Chinese media even went as far as to supress the news from getting out of the country or allowing foriegn journalists into China to cover the outbreak. Heaven forbid, if this was Tehran or a Muslim country.


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