Thursday, March 6, 2008

News Review - Week Ending 7 March 2008

The dossier for the invasion of the Iraq war was released and the conclusion were horrendous to those who vote and typical to those of us who do not. Basically, the findings were that the British media conspired with the government to mislead and lie to the public/citizens as a justification for entering the war against Iraq. Never again will British journo's be trusted to seek and tell the truth. I'm just glad I live in France, and the only Britishness I have is my passport. The number of Iraqian's who have died in this illegal way has passed the one million mark, but let us not get too upset and demand an end to this injustice as our house prices continue to rise and we plan that summer holiday to Goa.

This week, we have had two days of snow fall in the centre of Amsterdam. This at the beginning of March, after a week of beautiful sunshine and temperatures of 10 degrees. Whatever next? Are we to see snow in July followed by hail stones and heavy rain.

The Republican delagate, John McCain, was found with a married female half his age in a comprising position to say the least. This from a man who has had more extra marital affairs than the entire Chelsea team. As an ex P.O.W. McCain's influence and power has stripped him of any dignity or humanity to relate to the real world, so he is an ideal candidate for the next President of the United States.

Around three weeks ago a story was released from the US that it had shot down a satellite as it was heading towards earth and could prove fatal. After the US had shot down the satellitle and investigators had swarmed all over the remains, they found that the satellite was made up of 80% Chinese parts and only 10% US. Basically the US does not have the equipment to build the spy satellites required and should stop the big chat and stick to making gadgets for James Bond.

The 4th richest economony in the world and yet every year at least 20,000 old people die as a result of lack of fuel or the inablity to heat their homes as the cold winter's settles in. There are now many pensioners who are faced with the dilema of eat or heat. What kind of modern democratic society would allow it's elderly to die in such a manner and have no shame? Ahh Britian. Close to 100,000 elderly people, over the past three years have been found dead, after only living in one room, as they are unable to heat the entire flat. The Council, are just waiting for the old peeps to die, so they can give the house to a family from Poland or Nigeria. And what is the Goverment's answer to people that resemble their parents and in-laws? Give them an extra blanket and an additional 50 pounds.

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. His fall from grace can be contributed to the millions of dollars Microsoft has to setlle in the european courts for it's decsion not to up the windows source code to third party developers. I was hoping that it would be my brey, Donavon from the local housing estate, as he has been juggling since 19 long time, and I have never seen him with less than a 2 year old car, nuff women on arm and always in the barbers getting his hair re-braided. He carries himself like a player and I feel no better person deserves this title more. I take it Bill will either have to looks for a new works, become a carpet salesmen or sell one of the 125 paintings he is said to have, hidden under the stairs to regain top dog status.

Palestenian guman kills 8 Israli students in a library this week, in response to previous attacks carried out by the Israel soldiers in this never ending dispute over the hoy land. How many more innocent children need to die in this farcial war, which shows no sign of ending and discussions between Israel and Hamas appear a long way off.


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