Saturday, March 1, 2008

News review - week ending February 29th 2008

One of the recent data CD's that went missing from the government IT Dept, was discovered when one the PC's had a fault and was taken in for repair. When the PC technician opened the CD rom drive, underneath, not inside the drive, but stuck to the bottom of the laptop, was stuck the CD, the whole country had been looking for. Well I had been looking, because I have some personal secrets that could endanger me to a life of hiding like Paris Hilton after her sex tape scandal. Anyway, back to the matter of New Labour and the missing CD's. To make matters worse, when they investigated the serial number and security of the laptop, they found it had been bought on ebay eight months earlier. What next the government attempting to sell rizla's and claiming they are helping the nation to cut down on cigarettes?

Nicolas Sarkozky marries after 80 day whirlwind. Raas and we got some black bro's who feel they are not ready to jump broomstick yet, after 15 years. To stand up for my batchelor folk, so my email account is not ramm with single men complaining that I ruin their flow, should it all go pear shape for 'Monsieur ballon-non' then someone will be talking about half. Hmmmm.. If Sarkozky had been in touch or a regualr visitor to this site rather than the brothel sites surrounding Paris, then he would have known the tspoon mantra, Just buy her shoes and handbag Nicolas and allow the reception chat.

Rambo Harry returns from Afghanistan and people is like, yeah, he shot down x amount of man and was in gun battle for 3 days in trainers. It's bare lie those peeps are chatting as I see my man in one coffee shop last week in Amsterdam. Fe real, my man was at the bar, rolling a phat White widow and holding front-street with the chicken's dem, waxing some royal chat. As I have no interest in dem chat, I did not engage in the convo, but true to say I saw my man use a silver holder for his rizla and peeps on the street don't have them ting, and you can't get them in the pound shop. Afghani my back-foot. Dem brey's in Harlsden and Vauxhall know more about Uzi and Mac-10 than Rambo Harry and if my man is looking for some peeps to let off two gunshot, then he can start by talking to his grandparents (Queenie & Phil) about who killed his Mummy.

Micah Richards the Manchester City footballer, got bag having video sex with some woman on the internet and has finally admitted that he requires councilling. Can you believe these footballers today? Raas they have no shame. Does Micah not have a Mother alive who has to attend Church? When you think of the players like Clyde Best, Viv Anderson, Laurie Cunningham, Vince Hilare and the brother at Birmingham with the big afro, who had to put up with x amount of batty to lay a path for players like him and SWP, The Ferdi boys, Darrius Vassel, no not Darrius, but the black players today, who because they have a little paper, oh yeah 'ASH the Cash', who wife still don't come back home, laying down a world of rules and demands last seen holidaying in two-piece bikini swimming with next black man in Jamacia. Black man who is not pussyhole, know how to use cutlass fe chop man and don't 'fraid a lickle boy from West London. Anyway, sorry, had to let off on Ash for a mo, but you black footballers stop with the nastiness, especially with gal that look like she work in Safeway or Morrison's. I don't hear Tiger Woods getting into them scandal. Or those French black man, getting up to them foolishness. What is about them English man, where it's cool to lie, cheat, shower and then go home to baby love? Like my children are forever telling me 'Daddy, you're from the Flinstones'.


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