Saturday, March 1, 2008

Barak getting close

With only two pirmaries left for the US public to vote, the democratic leadership enters a crucial phase of the 2008 Election, between Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama. With Hilary having a slight lead, the mud slinging and dirty tricks have taken a turn for the worse in the media, when last week a picture of Barak in Muslim attire appeared in prominent newspapers and on the internet. Of course Mrs Clinton denied she had anything to do with it, as much as Keiron Dyer denied it was him in the video, with the girls in Ibiza, a chocolate Mcflurry and a tube of spanish fly at the bedside.

My only concern, although Barak has won the last 11 primaries and given Hilary a beating never seen on a white woman since OJ Simpson's glove failed to fit is that he is wallowing in the limelight and may be forgetting what kind of people he is up against or getting complacent. I believe Barak to have the better policies and most people in the States would welcome him like Ajax have welcomed back Johan Cryuff or Newcastle, Kevin Keegan in order to restore US pride, solve the domestic issues and bring the troops home from the war in Iraq. But this is firmly why I believe brother B, will not be at the winning post, as this is against US foriegn policy and war makers and the military will never cow tow to Benson with cufflinks.

So much is riding on Barak's shoulder's that failure is not an option, so I fail to see the pretty picture of manicured lawn and picket fences. I mean what kind of after party would he have? Oprah rubbing shoulders with Ludacris and Lil Jon. Or even Snoop Dogg crunching down on a chicken leg alongside Denzil. Not to mention the hundred's locked outside, claiming to be on the guest list.

Tspoonfr brings you the news they dare not show you on SKY, CNN or the BBC, but the word on the blog pages and freelance press reporting on the US Elections are sarcastically taking bets on which month Barak will be assasinated. For example one predicts a Barak funeral in October where another suggests December at 3-1 favourite. If I didn't know these people's history, I would think this was Saturday Night Live, but these people are deadly serious. Farmers and Right Wing activists in the South, those places where they chew tobacco until they have no teeth left, and rushed out onto the streets singing when Martin Luther King was gunned down, do not even stock Denzil or Wesley DVD's in their local video shop.

So I will watch with bated interest over the coming weeks, to see where this election leads the US. Do not be surprised to see mysterious and dubious forces at work to ensure the black man knows his place. On the recent Bill Maher show, a US congressman even went as far as to drag Barak's wife into the proceedings, claiming she is overweight and has little dress sense. What this has to do with the price of eggs, I have no idea, but this is the level these people will stoop to preserve, their corruption, world dominanation and political ideology.


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