Sunday, March 23, 2008

Europe and the so called immigrants

With Europe in dire straits over, whether independent countries can govern themselves, the introduction of new member states to the European Community and the influx of different cultures into existing hybrid countries, we are losing the battle in trying to stem the flow of people, which in turn makes people racist and judgmental without due reason. I have no real definition of immigrant, as I travel and work throughout Europe and when people ask where I am from I simply tell them 'The World'.

I firmly believe in this day and age, where we can send man into space, quicker than it takes to get from one end of the M25, the disproportion between those who have and those who do not are driving people far and wide to countries where they are able to make a living. Most people from eastern block countries, do not go to the England and Holland see Buckingham Palace, the Tulips fields of Amsterdam or the Rembrandt Museum. To many of these people, they are more likely to break into the palace to seek shelter, than visit it for historical or sentimental purposes. We have enough food, land space and companies such as the giant oil and energy conglomerates who generate enough profits to be able to create the necessary jobs and labour force for these people, regardless of where they are from. And should anyone in a country ever to ask what I am doing in their country, I will simply show them a picture of South London, accompanied by news reports of how man was slain in broad daylight and go back to my spliff. Feisty !!

I have worked as a computer consultant, experienced finding accommodation, paying domestic bills, taxes (allegedly) travel first hand and lived in many European countries over the past 12 years and there is not one country who is not complaining about the influx of immigrants, and how people from overseas are taking OUR jobs. When I hear this it reminds me of those old English men in the 1950's who spoke the same bull, when black people were arriving from the Caribbean to help assist their economy. The signs in the windows stating no blacks, Irish or Dogs, can easily be re-written as No Poles, No immigrants and still no blacks. And to hear Black and Asian people spurt this imperialistic nonsense I simply look at them as though they have just arrived from Nigeria without knowledge of the 413 scam.

The only people I see complaining and do not welcome the people from Poland, Croatia, Algeria, Estonia and endless other countries, are those people who already have a job and house. I liken the situation to those who have jaffa cakes and those who do not. When you have jaffa cakes in the cupboard (bun & cheese to black people) you think everyone has jaffa cakes. But this is not the case as I had to remind my 5 yr old daughter the other day. We were talking and she automatically believes all her friends are like her to have a TV in bedroom, x amount of Barbie, Bratz & Dora toy or games or manage to go on airplanes the amount of times she does. I had to gently explain that not everyone is like this, and how we are judged in this world, not by what materialistic toys and games we have but by how we treat the lesser man: those that do not have. Even at 5 years old, I could see she got the message, before running back out to play with her Dora roller skates.

In the bigger scheme of things, Europe and the world is at an interesting compass point, where we could go either way: with the options being a)peace & harmony or b)a continuation to racist and religious wars. For the past decade, Brussels has been the headquarters of the European Union, creating plans and laws to govern the continent of Europe, implementing measures and standards to assist in better trade flow and movement of people. To have peace, means to understand other cultures, religions and give ALL people a level playing field in terms of jobs, housing and education. If the government fail to implement necessary guidelines or programs to either combat the flow or not enough to allow other cultures to integrate better into its society, then it's people can have little to argue about when people from other countries, see that land paved with gold. If I were living in Britain and heard the stories about Polish men coming over to make a life and better themselves, I would first ask myself, what the f**k I am doing, after all this time, being educated in this country, I can speak the lingo and all I can do is work in a post office. Damm!! I mean, can we ever been accountable to ourselves?

So as a conclusion, I say put an end to this back stabbing against people trying to put jaffa cakes in their cupboards. We are more free to travel and take in other cultures at a time never witnessed before in history. Remove the fear, that the politicians and media are trying to majke you have. How many suicidie bombers have you seen on your way to work this morning. When was the last time, A muslim or immigrant, got up in your grill and demanded an end to Western imperialism? Be more positive about the introduction of others and spend time to know them before you judge them. Many times when in a conversation about this issue, I ask the person if they have any Muslim or Polish friends, who come round to dinner or go out on an evening with. Somehow the reply almost 99.9% of the time is a resounding NO.


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