Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let the soldiers rest in peace

News reports from the US last week, stated that the death of 2pac was in some way to do with Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Diddy, D Man or whatever else he is known as nowadays. As someone who has the most love for 'Pac & B.I.G. and followed this story from back in '98 I can only summise that the author of the article is edgeing towards some kind of movie deal or record contract for his nephew. Basically it is utter nonsense.

The deaths of these two hip hops stars will forever mourn fans, appreciative of the messages they spread, the impact they had on the world and its music. Today all rappers pay homeage to 'Pac & BIG in the same way the love their girl. The number of albums 'Pac has unofficialoly released since his death runs into the hundreds and still there are tracks undiscovered that 'Pac cut in the studio during his haze filled days. No one has ever been brought to justice over their deaths and this has led to rumours, and counter-rumours to where innocent people have been either killed or harmed.

This story about Puffy is not knew, as he has a string of 'dubious' allegations hanging over him, including an event in which Puffy was the promoter and 15 people lost their lives. Not to mention the incident with Jennifer Lopez were Puffy was alleged to have shot some guy in the club and then made a quick escape. As always there are two sides to the story and as yet Puffy is yet to spend anytime in jail, so it can be presumed innocent until proven guilty, as the law stands. Granted he may have had all the motive, finance to pull it off and even if I say so myself very suspectable, however this does not make the person guilty, and as black people we should know better. Although Puffy knew of the shooting of 'Pac in the studio's, where 'Pac was shot six times in an elevator, with Puffy upstairs with BIG, unaware of any commotion. This is a story hip hop fans will always ensure Puffy is on the side with Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer when it comes to greatest rappers of all time.

I have already stated that these two artists are numbers one and two in my all time list, and with the amount of new material, remixes, collaborations available I am forever reminded of their greatness and impact they had in music. We could do no more than to let these fallen soldiers rest in peace, enjoy the fact that in 2008 you can download a BIG album with a AKON remix, nod head and be greateful of the legacy they left behind.


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