Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Policeman found acting as Rambo

Following the G20 Protest March in London on 1 April, the death of a 47 year old, Ian Tomlinson has again brought to the public, the cock-ups, the tactics and overall leadership of the Metropolitan police force. Even the head of the police complaints watchdog is calling for a national debate on how officers maintain public order after revealing nearly 90 complaints had been received about the use of force at the G20 protests. This on the back of a bad 12 months for the police following on from the setup where the police arrested shadow immigration minister Damian Green. Mr Green was arrested, held for nine hours and had his two homes and offices searched by police investigating alleged leaks from the Home Office. This turned out weeks later to be illegal and unlawful with the new Police commissioner actually visiting the property to arrest Mr Green without a warrant.

This came following the resignation of Ian Blair, the ex Police Commissioner who faced criticism over the racism row involving the Met's most senior Asian officer Tarique Ghaffur and the Police Authority auditors who are in the process of examining Scotland Yard contracts given to consultancy firm Impact Plus, run by a friend of Ian Blair. This on the back of a damming report by the MPA (Met Police Authority) over the handling of information by Sir Ian Blair in the killing of Jean Charles De Menzes, in which he was heavily critised.

So what is the message sent from the streets of London by the "boys in blue" delivered with their baton's and CS Gas, which brought an end to the life of yet another innocent man? In a country which prides itself on truth, justice and equality for all. In a country which brags about sending its troops into other countries under the banner of 'Democracy' to instill peace. In a country which has seen more deaths at the hands of the police over the past ten years than the previous century, we can expect to see MORE of this behaviour, with the only surprise that so far only one death has be brought the attention of the public. And how the police tried to surpress that footage. I don't expect to see justice performed. I don't hold out much hope for the policeman in question to be demoted. There's even less of a chance that he will lose his pension or benefits. Without justice there can be no democracy. And without democracy there can be no peace. And without peace, the people will never relax nor forget, nor stop fighting for their rights as a human being........

R.I.P. Ian Tomlinson - aged 47 - Gone but not forgotten.....


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