Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NBA Playoffs

Yes, its the start of the Basketball playoffs in America. After an exhausting 82 game regular season we are down to the final 16 teams who will battle it out over the coming 2 months for a place in the 7 game final, commencing in May.

Reigning champions Boston Celtics remain the team to beat, with my team, LA Lakers, hot on their heels for that prestigious title and more important bragging rights in the RnB Clubs across the country.

Other teams to fear this year, will be Chicago Bulls, with their 2 British players (big up Ben Gordon and Luol Deng), San Antonia Spurs, with Tim Duncan and local French favourite Tony Parker. Others to watch out for will be the best team over the season, and with the coach of the year, Cleveland Browns and Lebron James.

I fully expect 'buzzer beater' finishes in most of the games, with the divisional championships bringing out the best of what the NBA is about.

Here are my predictions for the first round playoffs:

LA Lakers 4-1 Jazz
Nuggets 4-3 Hornets
Spurs 2-4 Mavericks
Blazers 3-4 Rockets

Cavaliers 4-1 Pistons
Celtics 4-2 Bulls
Magic 4-1 Sixers
Hawks 4-2 Heat


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