Friday, April 10, 2009

Somalian Pirates - The bad boys of the waves

Following the attacks this week of Somalian Pirates hijacking a number of vessels in the Horn of Africa, capturing even more hostages, murdering a French captain and engaging in what could be called a ‘gun battle at sea’, involving the US Navy, what will be the response of the US and puppet Barak Obama, should the captured sea captain be murdered while in the hands of his captures?

On the surface it looks as though the pirates are a bunch of senseless criminals, backed by some kind of Mr Big, patrolling the seas on the lookout for western cargo, laden with merchandise, oil and ebay items destined for Europe. What the corporate news agencies have failed to inform you is this started out as always with exploitation of a defense-less society and nation.

The European and US nations during the civil unrest inside Somalia began to dump their toxic and nuclear waste into the rivers and seas surrounding Somalia. As there was no official Somalian government bribery and corruption reigned and the continuation of the dumping began affecting the local habitants. Babies born defected and damaged, local fish were being washed up on shores with diseases unheard or undiscovered anywhere else on the planet. As this was a group of people, living through its own civil war, leaving tens of thousands dead and an ungovernable country, the news went mostly unreported.

Armed with International law on their side the Oil cargos and shipping conglomerates were encouraged not to sail through these waters – as the situation and tension in that region had taken a turn for the worse and people were being held hostage and ransoms issued to the directors and owner’s. The pirates treat the ship, its cargo and its crew as hostages and hold them for ransom. The rewards they receive are rich in a country where there are no jobs and almost half the population needs food aid after 17 years of non-stop conflict. The piracy and hostage taking continued until we now have a situation with no one in direct ownership of the pirates, with the hostage taking and ransom demands escalating every passing day. No fewer than 17 vessels are now being held hostage along Somalia's lengthy coastline, with more than 300 sailors in captivity.

So where do we go from here? If history and past events has taught us anything, its that somewhere in this depths of this story the US and UK have their hands dirty and more than likely the pirates are merely responding in the only way they know how. Were they to broadcast their plight and injustice to the International News, the story would get hidden amongst the latest Britney Spears, “commando” moment. Eventually when the US steam roller in with their Exocet Surface to Air missiles (SAM) and rage war on 32 warlords, backed by half a million US troops then do not be surprised as have we have been many times before. Always question the 'official' theory and not be sucked into believing that people of a different skin complexion are always crazy, mindless thugs.


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