Monday, April 13, 2009

Are You Brainwashed?

Do you believe that the United States was struck by terrorist attacks on Sept. 11th and do you think that the people behind the attacks were "Arabs"? Do you believe that the mastermind of the attacks was this man, Osama bin Laden, operating from a cave in Afghanistan? Do you think that the only way to stop terrorism is to hit the terrorists hard, hit them at their "bases", in such remote places of the world like Afghanistan, and attack any nation who might sponsor them, like Iraq, Iran or Syria?

And what about the economy? Do you think that the recent fall of the stock market and the weakness in our economy have been directly caused by the Sept. 11th attacks? Ready to see how well you did? If you answered *yes* to any of these questions, you are most likely brainwashed. If you answered *yes* to more than one, or heaven forbid, all of them, you are definitely a goner and are hereby granted the title of *Imbecile*.

But, you reply, "Isn't that what most people think? Wouldn't they answer those questions the same way that I do?" The answer to that is, yes. But we would remind you: Just because the "majority" of people BELIEVE something to be true, does not make it true! All that it means is that you and most of your friends and neighbors are suffering from "mass delusion" - or to put it bluntly: YOU ARE BRAINWASHED. So, the question is, how did you get this way? How did you come to believe that the statements in the questions we just asked you were true? "Well, I heard it on - Well, I saw it on - Well, I read it in ..."

You needn't bother finishing those statements; we can do it for you: You and your friends and neighbors were told the "truth" by the mass media. The UK and US news media's, which are so proud of calling itself "free" and has been continually patting itself on its back for the "wonderful job" it has done for the public, during and after the Sept. 11th and July 7th attacks, is the largest and most expensive "mass brainwashing machine" ever assembled in human history! It is a machine that so completely brainwashes the nearly 65 millions British Citizens, that the Nazis' infamous propaganda minister, Josef Goebbels, would have been very envious.


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