Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Piracy, piracy ... nothing but bloody pirates

Can we not get away from these pirate stories flaunting the airwaves at the moment? if it's not the Somalian Bad Boys showing the International world that they will not be used as a toxic dumping ground, or the new Porn Channel on 928 called "Bondage Pirates" we now have the Swedish courts, sentencing the founders of Pirate Bay, a torrent site, for illegal copyright infringement, on the basis they were accountable for sharing millions of free music and movies to their users. For the uneducated this is akin to paying for hardcore porn on the internet in 2009. I mean whatever next? Are we to go back to buying top-shelf magazines, with a video attached on the cover?

Basically I have it from good sources that you log into one of millions of torrents sites freely available, search for a movie such as "X Men" or "Sex and The City" and simply click download, to be able to get that movie or the latest Justin Timberlake album to your PC. It's so simple, I know someone of someone, who's 6 year old daughter can download "Dora Explorer" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures" with no trouble and at the same time try to bribe their parents for extra TV viewing time.

You may ask what is tspoonfr's view on downloading and the ability to take something for free. (tee hee) Well of course morally speaking, stealing and taking possessions of goods and services which do not belong to you or you have not paid for is against some kind of law, depends who implements the law. However, where I come from on the streets of South London, taking what does not belong to you takes on an entirely different connotation.

My personal viewpoint is that I have over the previous 25 years spent a considerable amount of money on going to the cinema to watch that 'blockbuster' only to be disappointed that I was unable to smoke my weed or drink a lager while relaxing. I have spent even more buying crap music and CD's by artists such as Vanilla Ice or Boyz II Men. (Don't ask !!) In fact I not only believe in downloading new movies, documentaries, current affairs, music albums and top quality porn (the amateur home made section is particularly a favourite of mine) but you should abandon your S*Y viewing card and simply "stream" your live shows such as football, cricket, motor racing etc... and download TV shows such as 'Ender and 'Ant & Dec'. I would under normal circumstances publish such links here for the benefit of readers but during the present climate, with the Internet police in full force, I will refrain from posting the links on this blog, but should you email me, I will comply with a full list of sporting and sexual links for a nominal fee.

Don't be alarmed by this viewpoint as you already pay a provider for internet coverage and that should be sufficient. 95% of housewives wanted their husband's to take them for a Chinese Meal instead of paying £45 per month to Mr Murdoch, when I informed them that ALL the football matches are free of charge. Don't get me wrong, I understand artists should be rewarded for their work and if I were in such a position...blah blah.. But I am at the stage where I have had enough of artists like Beyonce and people from "Britain's Got Talent" releasing crap song after crap song and expecting the public to spend up to £4 on a song they spent all of 15 mins writing, recording and singing.

It's the same with movies. If a Denzil Washington or Spike Lee movie is any good, has drama, a good plot and story line and subjects the viewer to 2 hours of 'take you mind away' solid characterisation then the cinema will be jammed. However if the movie is anything but, no solid action or great dialogue, you can expect to see the black man at the movies, like Paris Hilton at the Million Man March.

The argument should be against crap movies, rubbish actor's and scripts, not against defenseless people who have the insufficient funds or resources to mount any successful defence against a corrupt and one-sided entertainment industry. All this fuss over a file, which you can delete, just like a word document.


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