Sunday, April 26, 2009

Question of Palestine

I have been following the Israel/Palestine issue for the past few years, as I like to get the full picture rather than watch SKY News and their biased reporting. In a nutshell for people who do not read the Times or Guardian 60 years ago there was no country called Israel, but there was a piece of holy land called Lebanon, where Jesus was born and many historic events have occurred during the past two thousand odd years. Lebanon was considered a holy place and lived in peace by all faith's and denominations. All religions had lived side by side in tranquilly and peace until 1917 when the British (had to be) by the name of Arthur James Balfour declared Lebanon the place where Israeli Jew's could settle. How fesity!!

This was done without any discussion with the local Palestinian people, who woke up to find new settler's and much of their land gone. Over the past forty years Israel has extended it's paws so brutally that the United Nations has on a number of occasions issued declarations warning Israel to behave and stop its endless bombing of their neighbour's. Today the people are more like refugees in their own land which now is about the size of a football pitch has been the increase of Israel's land mass over the past half century. You see Israel can carry on like Tyson because they are backed by the US with all the arms and weapons it needs to keep the little Palestinian man at bay. They show no compassion for a people so limited in resources that David Beckham and family have more underwear than these people. And not only that but the lack of respect they show in the holiest of holy land's is disgusting. A few weeks back in one of Israel numerous attacks against the 'pea-shooter's' of Palestine, they bombed the actual church where Mary had Jesus. Fe real! The nativity stable where man was born was blown into a million pieces, while certain men was playing cowboys and Indians. And yet no church man stood up to defend the bombing, the damage or the endless attacks on a people who's birthright was that land.

Every norm of civilized behavior and international law was violated including the Geneva Conventions prohibition of acts of revenge against civilian populations. Israel kept the borders of Gaza sealed, and would not even allow the population to flee and save their lives. That they are held virtually blameless by the U.S. corporate media – Israel sycophants of the lowest order. Now members of the Israeli Defense Force themselves are coming forward to admit that they committed war crimes – but the mainstream press is censoring their confessions! Even when Israeli soldiers openly testify to committing murder in Gaza, as reported by the Israeli press, the U.S. corporate media keeps the people of this country ignorant of the crimes against humanity bankrolled by American taxpayers.

From what I gathered so far, Palestine is seen by the Jews as once belonging to them. For many many years it has been Islamic however. In 1948, a plan was devised to create two states. One Arab and one Jewish. The Jews agreed, Islamic people did not (and to be fair they had every right). But the UN still saw that the Jewish community was too big to not have it's own land, and where better to place them that their claimed holy land. A war soon broke out, separating Palestine. West Bank fell to Jordan, whilst Gaza Strip went to Egypt. To this day, Palestinian Arabs are furious with Israel actually existing and Israel are still trying to defend their right to stay. This time Israel have attacked the Gaza strip in an attempt to stop the rocket attacks by Hamas on southern Israel. However, Israel had put up barriers and blocked Gaza from around November time. You will find it hard to agree with one side if you are unbiased, and the only way you can chose who is wrong is by going back 60 years. Israel should never have been created, and the only defence for this is religious ones. So unless you are Jewish yourself, you might agree there was no right for Israel to declare independence.

Palestinians are showing how strong they are by even still living. Think of it, they hardly have any electricity per day, no food is coming into the city, no clean water, no medical aid, and Israelis are launching bombs every 2 hours at places where they think Hamas has weapons. Yet Hamas continues to defend themselves, and all that is happening is children and innocent civilians are dying. Did Israelis hit the right target? they only killed 1 Hamas leader out of the 500 killed and over 1700 injured. Basically they're living in a closed room. Nothing coming in or out. People are just dying, and why do Israelis think they have the right over the land? its as much holy to Muslims as it is to Jewish people and Christians.

Demonstrations against Israel’s slaughter in Gaza have been are taking place in every major city in the United States and throughout the world. People of conscience are standing up and speaking out…. but where are their governments? There have been a few ‘verbal condemnations’ but no action whatsoever. Where is the UN? Where is the EU?? We all know where President puppet Obama is, he’s out playing with his golf balls today, with Michelle trying her hand at being the new 'Charlie Dimmock'. Are they all afraid to speak out against these atrocities? Is Obama afraid that by doing so the ‘charges’ against him being a Muslim might pop up again? And what about the leaders of the Arab world? Even those that do not recognise Israel have been silent….. what’s that all about??

The United and the UK are Israeli government’s only friend's in the world. While boycotts and protests against Israel are carried out all over the globe, concerned Americans are silenced because the corporate media and the political system have turned their country into Israel’s colony. All goods made in Israel must be boycotted. All companies having dealings with Israel must be boycotted. Israel must be completely isolated, only then will it realise that it cannot continue in this zioholocaust they have created. Only you can make this a reality.

Israel does not want peace. The US does not want peace. War means profits for the MIC. And they want war for as long as possible. Israel must be removed from the United Nations. It has proven umpteen times that it has no regard for that body by rejecting every resolution ever passed against them.

But if you are in favor of the UN then take a look at all the UN resolutions that Israel ignores. The UN is meaningless when the US can use it's veto to knock down whatever it wants and even when it doesn't the resolutions are never enforced anyway. Thus the only things enforced are whatever the US agrees with making the international body just a whipping-boy and a face to try and legitimize US imperialism.

If you suggest that I am biased, I invite you to read any sound history of the period and verify the facts.



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